Indoor cycling that delivers sweat and smiles |

Indoor cycling that delivers sweat and smiles

Photos courtesy of Cyclebar Aspen.
Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, center left, after a recent charity ride at Cyclebar Aspen.
Photos courtesy of Cyclebar Aspen.

Thanks to a welcoming community and motivating instructors, Cyclebar offers a workout that fun and challenging without any intimidation

By Lauren Glendenning
Brought to you by Cyclebar Aspen

Walking into a gym or workout studio can be intimidating, especially for those who aren’t regular exercisers or have fallen a bit off a steady routine.
That’s not the vibe at Cyclebar Aspen, though, where fitness isn’t something for which to be intimidated.

“We want to create a family here — we’re all about community,” says owner Hayley Killam. “Even though it’s a workout and it’s contributing to people’s health and well being, we also want people to feel like they’re part of the community by making everyone feel super comfortable and welcome.”

That’s part of the reason Cyclebar Aspen is participating in the Aspen Workout Class Pass, an $89 pass that provides users access to six gyms one time per month through the end of June. Here are some of the highlights of this spirited indoor cycling studio in the heart of Aspen.

Welcoming atmosphere
Shana Kelley is the manager at Cyclebar Aspen and she knows every rider’s first name.

“I’ve always worked out by myself; I’ve always been intimidated in group classes,” Kelley says. “We really help people feel comfortable.”

Cyclebar is a workout for all body types. Whether you’re looking to achieve better overall fitness, trying to lose weight or training to be a better outdoor athlete, the workouts can help anyone accomplish their goals, Kelley says.

“We’ve seen tremendous weight loss in some of our riders, and improved strength and stamina in others,” she says.

Motivational instructors
From themed rides — think Beyonce vs. Britney, or Van Halen vs. AC/DC — to music that motivates you on your most challenging days, Cyclebar is a highly entertaining and energizing workout.

Custom lighting and a top-of-the-line sound system create an environment that gets your heart pumping and sweat dripping.

“All of our instructors are different — they bring their personality and music to the class,” Killam says. “Plus, with the dark room and mood lighting, it makes the class go a lot faster.”

Instructors guide each 45-minute ride by suggesting RPM and resistance, but the beauty of an indoor spinning class is that the workout is truly customizable based on each rider’s needs and fitness level.

Riders set up their private accounts by entering their age, height, weight and gender. This algorithm is combined with watts and RPM, which helps calculate power points on the leaderboard. Riders are then ranked on that board, but there remains an anonymity to it so nobody feels left out or inadequate. The numbers are there for the individual rider, and if you’re not into competition against yourself or anyone else, you can simply opt out.

“The numbers hold you a lot more accountable so you get the results you want and you improve,” Killam says.

What do you need to bring to your first Cyclebar class? Just show up in comfortable workout clothing and the studio will handle the rest. Cyclebar provides filtered water (and a reusable water bottle for you to keep), cycling shoes, sweat towels, lockers, and a shower. When you walk out of your class drenched in sweat, the staff even greets you with an ice-cold wash cloth.

“We have everything you need — people don’t need anything but themselves,” Killam says. “I don’t want anyone to feel nervous about showing up.”

Cross-training for outdoor cycling
In Aspen, it’s not hard to see why people like being outside. Outdoor cyclists who might think indoor cycling isn’t for them should give it a try, Killam says, even if they’ve tried indoor spinning before.

“This is a good way to enhance your fitness and keep up your biking during the winter,” she says.

Cyclebar is a great way to keep up your overall fitness, which also carries over to other sports and activities.

“It’s such an efficient workout. It can make you a better skier, cyclist or hiker,” Killam says. “Even if you’ve tried spinning at other places, I really encourage people to come try it.”