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High Country: Grow your own at home with Grobo

The fully automated, hydroponic grow box turns cultivating cannabis into a plug and play process.

Katie Shapiro
High Country
Grobo is designed to fit seamlessly into your living room, kitchen or closet.
Courtesy Grobo

Welcome to the inaugural and annual Harvest Series, where each week in October, High Country will introduce you to leading local cannabis cultivators and global entrepreneurs as a celebration of the season. Synonymous with a final gathering of fruits and vegetables before the first frost, autumn is equally as ripe for cannabis farming — it’s a crop, too, after all.

As snow clouds linger over the peaks of Aspen Snowmass this week, the final installment of High Country’s first annual Harvest Series is staying cozy at home for a look at what’s lauded as the easiest and most cost- effective way to grow your own cannabis.

According to the state of Colorado’s cannabis education website, “residents are legally permitted

to grow marijuana in their homes for personal use. Up to six plants are allowed per person over age 21, with as many as three plants flowering at one time. Marijuana plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked area that can’t be viewed openly, which technically means that plants cannot be grown outside.”

Meet Grobo, a fully-automated and app-controlled hydroponic growing system for vegetables and plants. Founded in 2014 as a countertop herb-growing kit, the Ontario, Canada-based company has evolved into offering complete grow box appliances with the introduction of the Grobo One in 2016 and became the first to ship products of its kind across North America a year later (in 2020, it expanded to select European countries).

Grobo founder and CEO Bjorn Dawson confirmed: “Grobo remains the only company offering truly automated grow boxes to our customers globally. And no new competitors have come to market — (Israeli cannabis tech darling) Seedo went bankrupt; Cloudponics and Leaf also both went under as far as we’re aware.”

Now known for its two, just- launched Gen2 models — Grobo Solid ($1,799) and Grobo Premium ($1,999) — the cabinet-like machine is designed to fit seamlessly into your living room, kitchen or closet. Inside, it’s packed with powerful technology that’s user-friendly: simply select a seed recipe in the app, plant the seed and fill the water tank. Grobo automatically adjusts the pH of the water, doses nutrients, and adjusts light settings to keep your plant thriving. In just three to four months, a high-yielding harvest awaits.

Inside a Grobo unit, which is equipped with LED lights, a fan, water tank, smell-reducing carbon filter, steel lock and nutrient-dosing shelf.
Courtesy Grobo

Grobo users have the option of starting from seeds (available locally at Roots Rx) or clones (available in Denver at L’Eagle) with extra help from the Grobo Start kit ($99.99), which includes three peat pods, humidity domes, seed covers, tweezers and micro/ macro nutrients — all powered by LED lights with the push of a button.

“Grobo is far more robust and affordable than before,” Dawson added. “Our technology has been improved using the data and feedback from thousands of our (customer) growers and over the last three months alone, Grobo has released 15 new products including a totally unique water chiller, CO2 meter and a CO2+ Yield Booster. As more countries legalize (cannabis), more people are looking to grow at home and we’re moving faster than ever.“


The Grobo Pro Grow Kit ($119.99) | Courtesy Grobo

Grobo Start, $99.99

Grobo Pro Grow Kit, $199.99

Grobo Solid, $1,799

Grobo Premium, $1,999

Ships within 2-4 weeks internationally from Canada to the United States and select European countries. To learn more, visit grobo.io.

While some might balk at the price tag, for moderate to heavy cannabis consumers, Grobo proves its value through an online “ROI Calculator” to input your personal cannabis consumption estimate based on how much you pay per gram at your local dispensary. Within minutes, an email is sent to you with the price breakdown and benefits.

My personal results for a Grobo Solid, based on a two-person household consuming roughly a half-ounce of cannabis per week paying $15 per gram on average, were:

•4 grows per year

•682 grams of flower yield per year

•14 different strains, flavors and effects over three years

•7 months until Grobo pays for itself

The Grobo Start ($99.99)
Courtesy Grobo

Although I have yet to try an automated grow box (I have failed miserably at the traditional method of indoor home growing in my closet over the years), the numbers are pretty convincing to someday give Grobo a go.