Desmond: Britta for Snowmass Village Town Council |

Desmond: Britta for Snowmass Village Town Council

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’d like to take a moment to emphasize the campaign of Britta Gustafson for Snowmass Village Town Council. Her background qualifies her immensely for the position.

She and her family have been close to me and my family through the years. Her parents (Gus and ChiChi Gustafson) and mine (Phil and Mary Desmond) were early residents of North Ridge Lane, and, now, Britta’s children and my grandchildren play together.

Britta is a lifetime resident of Snowmass — having been born here. A graduate of the Aspen schools, she went on to the University of Colorado, majoring in journalism and anthropology. After college, she held a variety of jobs, from ski instructor to restaurant worker to the nonprofit sector where she now works as the communications director for the Farm Collaborative.

Since 2003, she has been involved with the Snowmass Sun, where she has observed, written about and engaged the local community. Her columns that she has now been writing since 2015 have raised important issues in the community and have encouraged the local residents to think about and become involved with the development of these Snowmass Village issues. Additionally, she was one of three people involved in the creation of “The Story of Snowmass,” the pictorial history of Snowmass.

Where is Snowmass headed now and into the future? Having been a member of the Snowmass workforce for many years, she sees maintaining a vibrant community with emphasis on our middle class as key. Snowmass shall remain a residential community, where wealthy second-homeowners coexist with the working middle class, creating an authentic local community, which appeals to our tourists.

Throughout her life in Snowmass Village, Britta has demonstrated an enthusiastic concern for the village and shown the care and engagement needed to keep this place as special as it is. I encourage you to vote for Britta for Snowmass Town Council.

Leslie Desmond

Snowmass Village