Bongo through the offseason – and beyond |

Bongo through the offseason – and beyond

(Jordan Curet/Aspen Times Weekly)

I took a break halfway through writing a gear review for my Bongo Board to go skateboarding, and ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a totally different review.

When life gives you lemons, you make yourself a whiskey sour, right? So while my Bongo is going to be the only board I’ll ride for a while, the door is open for more future gear reviews, including one for Nurofen Plus (a delightful mix of ibuprofen and codeine that’s somehow legal in England) – and then probably a review of my new liver sometime down the road.My Bongo Board has quickly become the most popular feature of my Aspen Times employee housing unit. It looks like a skateboard with a track running down the middle of the bottom, parallel to a bungee cord. The bungee cord attaches a roller to the bottom, and you roll.I ordered mine off eBay shortly before the end of the ski season because I remember how bleak mud season was last year, and because I remember how woefully inept I had become at skateboarding by not doing it for 15 years. So I needed a transition between snowboarding and skating, the idea being that I could work on my snowboarding deficiencies (such as spinning backside) while giving myself a better transition to my skate. Last August, my elbow looked like ground beef, and I distinctly remember sitting on the edge at the Rio Grande skatepark while two of my friends had the following conversation: “What’s that in the bottom of the pool?” “Oh – that’s Dan’s blood. You should probably skate around that.”

So, roll on the Bongo I did – around the living room, talking on the phone, while throwing darts. The level of difficulty increases along with your blood-alcohol level (unlike, say, talking to girls), and you can tell you’re gaining skill if you can balance without spilling your drink.In fact, I got good enough to get back out on my skate a lot sooner this year, and I got so good at that, I was able to reacquaint myself with the good people at Aspen Valley Hospital.So I’m back on the Bongo for the foreseeable future. I promise to wear my sling, and it seems reasonably safe – although our sports editor, who shall remain anonymous but whose name rhymes with Nate Peterson, attempted to become the first “drowning by Bongo Board” when he took it out to the plank that bridges the stream in my backyard.

I might have to quit spinning backside and trying to land shuvits – at least ’til my shoulder heals. But I persevered through mud season, so I just might make it, thanks to my Bongo Board and my British houseguests.Dan Thomas is a copy editor at The Aspen Times.

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