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Art Spotlight: Opera Gallery

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Manolo Valdés, “Retrato III,”, 2018, Mixed media on wood, 77" x 74.4" - 195.5 x 189 cm. Photo courtesy Opera Gallery
Manolo Valdés, “Retrato III,”, 2018, Mixed media on wood, 77″ x 74.4″ – 195.5 x 189 cm. Photo courtesy Opera Gallery

Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
501 E. Dean St., Aspen (at the base of Aspen Mountain)

When you grow up in a family who has represented artists for generations, art becomes more than a passion, it’s your life. As it is for Gregory Lahmi, director of Opera Gallery which he opened in 2016.

What makes Opera Gallery unique, according to Lahmi, is that when he or his family members at the 12 other Opera Galleries around the world work on an exhibit, it’s a global experience. This is a family-owned group which has maintained the vision of its founder, Gilles Dyan, 30 years after he opened his first gallery in Paris.

Gallery locations are chosen based upon being able to best serve their collectors, the place itself and proximity to art museums and other galleries. Aspen’s intimate feel appealed to the group, as did the fact that it is a hub for art lovers. Lahmi’s vision for the Opera Gallery in Aspen was for it to be friendly and very relaxed. He considers his gallery an extension of your house, a place where collectors can envision what a piece would look like in their home.

Opera Gallery represents late 19th- century artists from Claude Monet and early Picassos, up to living masters of today, such as Botero, Valdés, Condo, etc. They cover impressionism and all major European movements from the early 20th century, primarily in painting and sculpture. Lahmi says that when they represent an artist, the goal is to represent all their production. Meaning you may also find furniture, such as a table or bench by an artist, because furniture by artists is still art just made in a different form or medium. This summer, visitors will find a new display with “big names and stunning pieces.” The exhibition is arranged for there to be a connection between all artists and pieces. Each artwork will tell a story connecting it to another, giving viewers the chance to consider why each piece is there and what it represents.

“Our ultimate goal is for people to enjoy themselves and see some great pieces of art.”


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