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T-Minus 1 Day for the Drop-In Party!

Oh boy, 1 more day until our Drop-In party at Buckhorn tomorrow on Aspen Mountain!!!! Check out today’s video and see some of the great product we’ll have out there! Can’t wait to see you all there and fingers crossed we all get some pow laps for our party day! Party from 11:00-2:00 with raffle times announced in the video!

Drop-In…..To Our Party!

We don’t want you to miss it! We’re hosting a Drop-In party this Saturday, February 10th at Buckhorn Cabin on Aspen Mountain. Max Vadnais‚Äč takes over today’s Drop-In and shows you the way to ski to Buckhorn if you don’t already know. Several sponsors are helping us out at the party but make sure to check out today’s video to see what’s happening!

Full Moon Uphill Drop-In

Half the town showed up this past Wednesday for the full moon uphill to the Cliffhouse at Buttermilk on Wednesday. Your Drop-In host was blown away by how tasty the Mongolian bbq was at the top! Don’t miss the next one at the the end of the month! Check out where Aspen locals dropped in on Wednesday night.

Dedication December Drop-In

In honor of The Drop-In host Anna Stonehouse’s grandfather, today’s Drop-In episode is in dedication to others for our day spent on the mountain. Check out who people dedicated their day on Aspen Mountain to.

Dropping In at Snowmass: Happy Thanksjibbing!

The Drop-In host Anna Stonehouse heads over to Snowmass today to check out conditions over there. Don’t miss the Thanksjibbing rail jam competition at 2:00 today! A local skier previews the course in this edition of The Drop-In but you should check it out!

#AspenOnTheHill-Saturday Boss Takeover

#AspenOnTheHill is brought to you today by The Aspen Times Editor and Publisher. Conditions were hot early in the a.m. and tomorrow is meant to be similar weather-wise. Fun in the sun was had but see for yourself in today’s edition of #AspenOnTheHill.

#AspenOnTheHill-Hot Thursday

It felt like spring skiing out on Aspen Mountain today for Anna Stonehouse. Partly cloudy in the mid-50s with fellow GoPro users enjoying the mountain. See for yourself in today’s edition of #AspenOnTheHill.

#AspenOnTheHill-Torin Yater-Wallace Practice Run

Anna Stonehouse takes a sled ride up to the top of the superpipe this morning and is able to get local Torin Yater-Wallace to take a practice run through the X Games pipe this morning. See for yourself in today’s edition of #AspenOnTheHill.

#AspenOnTheHill-Thursday, December 22

Anna Stonehouse takes a couple of runs on Aspen Mountain with previous Aspen Times’ photographer Jeremy Wallace. They stuck to the groomers and enjoyed the overcast, and mid-30s weather, but see for yourself in today’s edition of #AspenOnTheHill.