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Full Moon Uphill Drop-In

Half the town showed up this past Wednesday for the full moon uphill to the Cliffhouse at Buttermilk on Wednesday. Your Drop-In host was blown away by how tasty the Mongolian bbq was at the top! Don’t miss the next one at the the end of the month! Check out where Aspen locals dropped in on Wednesday night.

#AspenOnTheHill-Torin Yater-Wallace Practice Run

Anna Stonehouse takes a sled ride up to the top of the superpipe this morning and is able to get local Torin Yater-Wallace to take a practice run through the X Games pipe this morning. See for yourself in today’s edition of #AspenOnTheHill.

#AspenOnTheHill-Tiehack Powder

Anna Stonehouse heads over to Buttermilk this morning to see the final preparations for X Games and to also enjoy the 7″ of powder reported. She took a couple of runs on the Tiehack side but see for yourself in today’s edition of #AspenOnTheHill.

#AspenOnTheHill – Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017

The Aspen Times sports editor Austin Colbert checks out Buttermilk, which is less than two weeks away from hosting the Winter X Games. The skies were overcast and temps were cool, but the snow was soft and fluffy, just the way he likes it. The softness made crashing not so bad.