Website: You can count on Aspen snow |

Website: You can count on Aspen snow

Scott Condon
The Aspen Times

Skiers and snowboarders have an increasingly impressive toolbox to tap when they’re trying to find out about snow conditions at resorts.

One of them is, which is geared toward helping Europeans figure out where the best conditions exist for a long weekend. But it also has a general guide to North American resorts that’s interesting and helpful, especially for long-range planning.

Weathertoski rates ski areas on five key elements to come up with an overall snow-reliability scale. The categories are general snow cover, snow quality on upper slopes, snow quality on lower slopes, resort-level snow and powder potential.

“Don’t assume that a resort with a good snow record will always deliver or that one with a poor record won’t,” the website warned. Even mediocre snow years at many North American resorts would be considered “good” by European standards, the site said.

Aspen Mountain received a 5 of 5 rating for snow overall as well as snow quality of upper slopes and snow level at town. It got a 4 of 5 rating for snow quality of lower slopes and powder potential.

Snowmass received the same ratings in all categories as Aspen Mountain.

Aspen doesn’t get as much snowfall as its “chief rival Vail,” Weathertoski’s website said, but snow cover and quality are consistently good.

The overall snow reliability for both Aspen and Snowmass was rated as “excellent” by the website, but they didn’t crack the “Top 10 snow-sure resorts of North America.” Alta and Snowbird, Utah, were ranked No. 1. The rest of the list — and a whole bunch of information about snow reliability of European resorts — can be found at