Snow polo in Aspen a family affair |

Snow polo in Aspen a family affair

Linda LaffertySpecial to The Aspen Times

Aspen, CO ColoradoASPEN The seventh annual World Snow Polo Championships’ home-town boy was Gorsuch’s Marc Ganzi. Ganzi grew up in Aspen and attended Aspen Country Day school. He learned to ride on his family’s ranch in Rifle. He and his wife, Melissa, now spend most of their time in Florida, playing in the polo leagues in the Wellington area.”Playing in Aspen? There’s no place like home,” said Ganzi.But it was his wife – and opponent – Melissa Ganzi who came up with the win.In fact, it was Melissa who scored the first two goals of the match, within the opening minutes of the first chukker.After the game, sitting together, she in her bright red Audi jersey and he in his navy blue Gorsuch colors, they seemed comfortable and happy together, despite battling fiercely just moments before.Was it a strain on a marriage to be on opposite teams in a championship game?”Not at all,” said Melissa. “We do it a lot in Florida so we are used to competing against each other. Marc plays for the International Polo Club in Palm Beach, and I play for Royal Palm in Boca Raton.””What happens on the field stays on the field,” said Marc. Good words of advice for a happy marriage.”I prefer to play together,” added Marc grinning, “because Melissa usually wins.”

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