Sherry brothers relishing chance to play alongside each other for Basalt football |

Sherry brothers relishing chance to play alongside each other for Basalt football

Being two years apart, the opportunity was never there for the Sherry brothers to play with each other on the football field. That is, until this season came along.

Daniel Sherry, a senior, starts at center for the Basalt High School football team. Sam Sherry, a sophomore, is beginning to really make a name for himself at linebacker for the Longhorns. Getting to be there for each other is something both players haven’t taken for granted.

“We are normally on opposite sides of the ball, so I get to watch him play every play and he’s the one I zone in on. When he makes a play, it’s just awesome,” Daniel said. “We’ve never ended up on the same team. So this year has been special.”

The Sherry brothers have been an important piece for No. 9 seed Basalt (9-2) having made a surprising run to the Class 2A state semifinals for the first time. BHS will host No. 4 Delta (10-1) at 1 p.m. Saturday with the winner headed to the state championship game a week later in Pueblo.

Neither Daniel nor Sam had seen much varsity action before this season. Daniel had to bide his time for three seasons before an opportunity finally opened up to start on the offensive line, but that’s also one of the reasons BHS coach Carl Frerichs is so fond of the center.

“He gave it everything he had for four years, but he waited his time,” Frerichs said. “And now it’s finally his time, but it’s not like he ever complained or ever questioned. He just did what was asked and now he’s getting that opportunity to be our starting center.”

Sam claims he was given all of one play on varsity as a freshman last fall. As a sophomore, he’s become one of the team’s best defensive players. According to MaxPreps, he leads the Longhorns with 73 total tackles. He’s also a standout baseball player and is considered the most athletic of the three Sherry siblings.

“He is really good and sometimes it makes me feel less good, but it’s whatever,” Daniel joked. “Sam’s team always wins. He hasn’t lost on a football team until he got to high school, so it’s really cool he gets to continue that and that we, in our rebuilding year, get to keep going and fight on.”

Daniel said he is “more of a school person” when compared with Sam. Like his sister, Megan, who graduated in 2016, once was, Daniel is one of Basalt’s head students this fall. He’s always gravitated toward leadership roles and was happy to follow in his sister’s footsteps in that position. Daniel plans to pursue an engineering degree after he graduates.

“He got the smarts. Megan got smarts, too. But, I mean, I’m not stupid,” Sam jokingly said. “He also helps me with homework a ton, because he’s really smart. I just try to live up to his standards, school-related. I’m going to have to go out for (head student). I don’t want to be the sibling that doesn’t do it.”

Saturday will mark Basalt’s first time playing in a 2A semifinal in school history, a feat to be matched by only a trip to the 1A semis in 1979. The Longhorns have never played in a state championship game, although the Sherry brothers are hopeful to finally help get them there.

The last time Basalt played Delta was on Oct. 18, a 35-6 loss for the Longhorns.

“First game was terrible. I’m excited to come get revenge. We’re all going to sell out. I know that,” Sam said. “This year it’s been fun to be able to step up and be able to kind of prove myself. This team is just great to be a part of and is this community.”


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