Severy continues running tradition |

Severy continues running tradition

Jennifer Davoren
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The Severy family running tradition continues.

Aspen High School freshman Christy Severy comes from a long line of cross country stars ? three elder siblings, brothers Chris and Jon and sister Robin, ran for University of Colorado-Boulder, while another big sis, Elizabeth, ran varsity for AHS. Christy, however, is just coming into her own this year following two big wins at recent cross country meets.

Christy Severy nabbed first place Saturday at Middle Park High School’s Snow Mountain Invitational with a time of 22 minutes flat. She was joined in the top 11 by much of the AHS girls team ? junior Erin Kiernan took fifth place (23:03), followed by senior Jenny Hamilton in ninth (23:15) and senior Bescha Dean in 11th (23:23). Rounding out the AHS girls squad were Jessica Andrews in 37th, Elissa Rodman (67th) and Maile Wade (81st).

In the Snow Mountain boys division, AHS senior Sean Braisted posted the best time for his team in 20:41 for 50th place, followed by junior Scott Evans (84th), junior John Hatanaka (92nd), Andrew Preusch (100th), Dale Braisted (106th), and Weston Boyles (112th).

Junior varsity runners Frederic Clausen, Jake Lansburgh and Katie Roach also participated in the weekend’s race, though their results were not available.

Christy Severy made another top showing just four days before the Middle Park meet at the Georgetown Invitational, taking third place with a time of 21:29. Severy was followed closely by Hamilton in fourth (21:53) at Tuesday’s meet.

Severy and Hamilton were joined by Deane in 11th, Kiernan in 14th, Kathryn Eastley in 26th, Andrews in 31st and Rodman in 41st.

The Skier boys fared better in Georgetown, with sophomore Simi Hamilton taking first place at the meet with a time of 17:55. Hamilton was joined by Sean Braisted in 22nd, Evans in 53rd, Andrew Preusch in 81st, Hatanaka in 88th, and Rodman in 107th.

AHS coach Chris Keleher was not available for comment this week.

@ATD Sub heds:Alpine Christian Academy

@ATD body copy: Though Alpine Christian Academy ? the 2001 Class 3A state championship third-place finisher in their Class 1A status ? has suffered in recent weeks due to team injury and illness, the school’s small cross country team has still made good at recent meets.

Alpine Christian was forced to enter the Middle Park meet without a full team, Coach Ron Lund reported, with one injury, one illness and two competitors with prior commitments marring the running roster. However, eight Alpine Christian students nabbed top times during competition with larger schools from Denver and Colorado Springs.

March Thompson finished the Snow Mountain Invitational with a top-10 finish for Alpine Christian ? eighth place with a time of 23:12.

“That’s really slow for this course, but one, it’s hilly, and two, the altitude. The altitude makes the races a little bit tougher,” he said. “March is very good on hills, and seems to do well going on the flats.”

Rounding out Alpine Christian’s girls division were Sam Hoffman in 53rd, Whitney Lund in 56th, Heather Conder in 89th and Ukare Sano. Only three Alpine Christian boys ran Saturday, with John Tucker in 32nd with 19:28, Collin Stewart in 48th and Keane Karnan in 59th.

Alpine Christian kids also made nice showings at the Georgetown meet on Sept. 17. March Thompson took fifth in 22 minutes flat, followed by Ashley Eaton in sixth, Deanna Spracher in 34th, Whitney Lund in 39th, Hoffman in 52nd, Sano in 57th and Meagan Lund in 80th. On the boys side, Tucker took 12th in 19:21, Stewart finished in 23rd and Karan took in 44th.

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