On the Fly: Snow in the forecast means good fishing on the horizon

Will Sands
On the Fly
Kyle Holt with guest
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With the nice mix of snow throughout the valley, we are blessed with a variety of activities to choose from. It’s always amazing to most visitors who spend much of their time planning the day around mountain activities to conceive of winter fly fishing, but many locals know they can sneak in a few great runs in the morning and spend a couple hours catching trout in the afternoon. Even at this time of year local anglers and guides relish the opportunity to catch a midvalley day approaching 40 degrees or better and then float fish local rivers. Float fishing on balmy winter days is an experience not soon forgotten.

Snow in the forecast is often a sign of great float-fishing opportunities and also just good all-around fishing conditions to come. Snow and overcast evenings act as an insulator and maintain warmer nightly temperatures much more so than clear, bright, cold nights. These warmer nights keep our local river temperatures stable and ideal for a day of angling opportunities. This week, fishing opportunities abound throughout the valley equally for wading or floating.

Anglers headed out this week should be focused on fishing the slower, deeper pools wherever they decide to wet a line. Fly selection should comprise mainly midges and some baetis imitations, and attractors patterns like copper johns, ice princes or glo-bugs are good lead patterns that can trigger strikes. Stop by your local shop to hook up with a good guide or get the latest info on where to be with exactly the right flies. ’Tis the season, so make sure you do not overlook finding that something special for the angler in your life.

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