MotherLode Classic juggles schedule

Dale Strode
The Aspen Times

Rain on Friday afternoon interruped the 41st annual MotherLode Volleyball Classic in Aspen.

Play was suspended on the grass courts when they became too slippery.

Play continued, for the most part, on the sand courts at Koch Lumber Park and Willoughby Park.

“We’ll make adjustments accordingly,” said tournament director Leon Fell. “When you plan outdoor events, this can happen.”

He said all pool play matches in the coed divisions on the grass courts were completed Friday afternoon.

“We’ll bring those in the playoffs back at 8 (a.m. today) at the Rio Grande courts,” Fell said, adding that they will play abbreviated matches this morning. They will play one game to 28 points instead of best of three.

“The other divisions scheduled to start (today) will start,” Fell said, adding that if players are competing in another division, they will be given the opportunity to complete play in the divisions delayed by rain Friday. Then, he said, they will be able to begin play in the second division of competition.

“We’ll make sure they play the matches they need to play,” Fell said.

“We had some phenomenal play (Friday) in the Women’s Open and Men’s Masters,” Fell said, adding that the grass courts around Aspen also experienced competitive play Friday before the rains.

“We haven’t had rain in a while (at the MotherLode),” Fell said, adding that today’s matches on the sand at Koch and Willoughby should be spectacular.

The annual doubles volleyball tournament will continue through Monday.