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Help wanted

Here at the Aspen Times sports department, we see a lot of pitches. Not the ones from atop a 10-inch mound, but rather the kind that appear in our e-mail boxes each morning. Some of these pitches are way, way outside. Example A: “Are you interested in interviewing an analyst from our company regarding whether Brett Favre will finish his career in Green Bay?”Example B (abridged version): “Dear Sirs, My name is Mr. Adada Muhammadu, a crude oil merchant in Kuwait. … I have more than $800 million invested with a finance/security company abroad. I will want you to help me collect this deposit and dispatch it to charity organizations around the globe for which you will receive 10 percent of the money. Will you send me your Social Security number and the number for your bank account so we can complete this transaction?”Example C: “Are you interested in serving as a judge for the 2006 Miss Colorado USA pageant?”The answers to these questions, of course, are No, No, and Are you freakin’ kidding? Are woodpeckers interested in trees? Are compulsive gamblers interested in slot machines?OK, in all seriousness, here’s the problem: For every useful write-up we get about locals doing something cool, like sinking a hole in one, or hitting the winning shot to win the rec league hoops title, there’s three e-mails from Mr. Muhammadu.I never thought I’d be saying this, but we want more e-mail. Actually, not more in general, just more from you, our readers.We want to hear about how your son or daughter’s soccer team fared over the weekend. We want to know who is leading the standings in the respective local softball leagues. And we want cool photos, too – like the shot of the blunt to fakie you stomped in the skatepark last weekend.There’s only two of us who work full time covering sports in the valley, which is why we’re asking for your help. We can’t make it to everything, but we love to hear what’s going on in your respective corners so we can put it in the paper and everyone else can read about it.That’s why, starting in June, The Aspen Times is unveiling a new community page devoted specifically to local sports happenings in the area. We already get a lot of community briefs into the paper, but we know there’s some stuff we’re missing. We think this page will be a great way to showcase all that’s happening locally, from organized sports to those that are completely unorganized – and everything in between.Our hope is that this page will grow into something that you look forward to picking up and reading every week. So, send us your stuff. Send us your updates, standings and photos. Ideally, to fit everything in, we’re looking for reports that are in the 150-word range. Action photos are preferable, but we’ll run team shots and portraits, as well.Also, send us some ideas on what you think this page should be called. This is your page, not ours, so drop us a line and tell us what you think we should name it.We promise to take every submission seriously – as long as you don’t ask for my Social Security number.Please send your submissions and write-ups to

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