Golden Leaf results |

Golden Leaf results

Runners in the 27th annual Golden Leaf Half Marathon make their way to the finish line Sunday morning. (Paul Conrad/The Aspen Times)

GOLDEN LEAF HALF MARATHON RESULTSSunday, Sept. 18Top three male finishers1. Ryan Padilla 1:28:052. Derick Williamson 1:29:393. Bernie Boettcher 1:29:57Top three female finishers1. Cindy Oneill 1:47:282. Meg Tilton 1:50:513. Katie Mazzia 1:51:5613 and Under Female1. Kristin Hayden 2:38:0819-29 Female1. Sarah King Feldman 1:55:202. Alissa Farrell 1:55:503. Kelly Handel 1:56:5630-39 Female1. Meg Tilton 1:50:512. Katie Mazzia 1:51:563. Sarah Fuld 1:53:5440-49 Female1. Cindy Oneill 1:47:282. Lisa Gonzales-Gile 1:52:553. Karen Waeschle 1:54:3350-59 Female1. Leslie Gustason 2:12:522. Betty Severy 2:15:503. Beege Harding 2:20:4519-29 Male1. Ryan Padilla 1:28:052. Derick Williamson 1:29:393. Eric Meyer 1:37:1930-39 Male1. James Johnson 1:29:572. Scott Drum 1:32:423. Eric Small 1:35:4540-49 Male1. Bernie Boettcher1:29:572. Keith Johnson 1:38:553. Clark Fox 1:41:5450-59 Male1. Doug Brandmier 1:51:592. Kurt Blumberg 1:58:403. George Tempest 2:00:3960 & Up1. Charles McGinnis 1:57:472. Warren Ohlrich 2:10:303. John Moha 2:17:57

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