Fundraiser for Aspen alpine racer Bobby Moyer at 520 Grill on Wednesday |

Fundraiser for Aspen alpine racer Bobby Moyer at 520 Grill on Wednesday

Aspen ski racer Bobby Moyer can’t wait to take the next step — back to Norway.

Moyer, an Aspen native who came up through the Aspen Valley Ski Club, is back in Aspen this summer training for the upcoming ski season.

He’ll return to Norway for a second season of international alpine races this fall, chasing dreams of future World Cups.

“Last winter, I made a decision to ski in Norway for the year,” said Moyer, a 19-year-old who graduated from Aspen High School a year ago. “I really enjoyed the racing over there.”

Moyer linked up with a team in Norway, a team of similar aspiring young ski racers.

“It was a team based out of Oslo,” Moyer said. “It’s a team that’s tied in with the Norwegian national team.”

The team races in FIS events and the Scandanavian and European equivalents of NorAms.

Moyer said the team’s technical coach is a former World Cup coach for Sweden.

Best of all, he said, his racing made tremendous progress over a season in European events.

“The depth in Europe is so extreme,” Moyer said, explaining that regular FIS races feature much deeper and more competitive fields.

“There are so many good skiers,” he said.

“I’m really excited about going back,” said Moyer, who was invited to return to the Oslo-based team for another race season.

The 520 Grill in Aspen will sponsor a fundraiser for Moyer on Wednesday. The popular local grill will honor Moyer from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. with proceeds going to his ski/travel fund.

“The 520 Grill has been super supportive of me all along,” Moyer said, adding that there will be raffle items at the fundraiser.

Moyer, the son of Roger and Mary Moyer, said a string of injuries eventually led him to the Norway experience.

Knee surgery, back surgery and hand surgery conspired to slow the young racer.

“It was a really tough three-four years,” said Moyer, who missed the early training before last season with a hand problem and nose surgery.

“Missing all that training was really frustrating. I skied well at times, but I was trying to catch up,” Moyer said.

But racing and training helped him progress significantly late in the season, he said.

A healthy offseason with time to train also has helped.

“Every month, I get a new training plan (from the team),” Moyer said.

There’s a unique mix of workouts, including some weight training along with interval training.

“I’ll do the interval days up Smuggler,” he said, adding that there is a lot of core work and gymnastics as part of the ski racing program.

Though grueling, Moyer said the workouts will help him prepare physically for the demands of the Oslo race team’s schedule.

He invited friends and fans to stop by the 520 Grill on Wednesday, July 17. He’ll be there with stories to share.

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