Final round set today for Tour in the Rockies

Dale Strode
The Aspen Times

Weather permitting, today will mark the Tour Championship for the summer-long Tour in the Rockies junior golf series.

“Our tour championship is (today),” said Alden Richards, of River Valley Ranch in Carbondale. “Points will be doubled.”

He said the winners in each division will take home the points leader trophy for the division.

“Second place will receive the runner-up trophy,” Richard said.

The final championship round will be played at River Valley Ranch.

Here are the divisions and their respective leaders, entering play today:

Boys 12-under

Jack Pevny30, JR Prinupe 28, Coulter Zowig 19, Turner Bramlet 12, Dawson Holmes 10, Nick Pevny 8, Mac Lampe 7, Quinn Langley 7, Holden Kleager 5, Kemper Locke 4, Carter Winch 3, Cullen O’Brien 2, Logan Radke 1, Dillon Passero 1, Dominic Lanese 1, Ian Cox 1.

Boys 13-over

Will Pember 14, Henry Ferguson 10, Derek Leydecker 6, Holden Kleager 6, Liam Locke 5, Liam Rigney 5, Reece Cohan 4, Dillon Leasure 4.

18-hole juniors

Parker Klump 13, Lauren Murphy 11, Jack Marshall 10, Linc Kleager 10, Cole Gibson 10, Holden Kleager 7, Tyler Rover 6, Liam Locke 6, Dolores Sharaf 3, Dillon Leasure 1.


Nikki Blizzard 24, Lillian Rosenfield 23, Julia Fahey 15, Katherine Doherty 12, Dolores Sharaf 11, Mae Sharaf 10, Lauren Murphy 6, Elsa Cassidy 4.