Competitors hit Buttermilk for Aspen/Snowmass Freeskiing Open |

Competitors hit Buttermilk for Aspen/Snowmass Freeskiing Open

Jeremy Swanson/Aspen Skiing Co.Aaron Blunck of Crested Butte took first in the men's superpipe finals Sunday during the Aspen/Snowmass Freeskiing Open at Buttermilk.

ASPEN – Aaron Blunck of Crested Butte took first in the men’s superpipe finals Sunday at Buttermilk in the Aspen/Snowmass Freeskiing Open. In snowy conditions, Annalisa Drew of Andover, Mass. captured first place finish in the women’s superpipe finals.

Team Aspen/Snowmass athlete Alex Ferriera took second at his hometown competition in men’s superpipe.

Blunck won a $5,000 purse with his victory. His winning run was comprised of a right 900 tail, left 900 tail, flair bro-kang grab, ally oop flat 540 safety, ally oop dub flat 720, and switch left 720 mute.

Ferreira’s second place run, a left 1080 tail, switch right 720 Japan, left 900 tail, right 900 tail and ally oop flat 540 mute, netted him $2,500.

Third place ($1,500) went to Walter Wood of Evergreen, who’s run included a right 900 tail, left 900 tail, flair truck driver, flair tail grab, right 1080 tail and switch right ally oop 900.

In women’s competition Sunday, Drew placed first with a run featuring a left 900 to ally oop, left 540 to straight air safety, left 540 mute, straight air safety and left 720. She took home a $1,500 purse.

Maggie Stout of Ottsville, Penn. took second ($750) with a straight air mute grab, left 540 mute, right 540, left 540 Japan, straight air Japan and left 720.

Finishing third ($300) for the women was Jamie Crane-Mauzy of Park City, Utah, who also placed second in Saturday’s slopestyle competition. Her superpipe run on Sunday featured a straight air mute, left 540 mute, right 540, straight air safety, flair safety grab and left 360.

In Saturday’s competition, William Borm of Chaska, Minn. took first in the men’s slopestyle finals while Emma Whitman of Whistler, B.C. captured first for the women.

Borm took home $5,000 with his winning run, consisting of a frontside switch-up to backside 270 out on first rail, 270 onto second rail, misty 630 Japan grab on the cannon box, right 900 leading mute grab, switch left double flat spin 900 bro-kang grab and left double cork 1260 high mute grab.

Placing second ($2,500) in the men’s competition was Alex Beaulieu-Marchand of Quebec, Canada, with a run that featured a backside 360 switch-up, switch tails over 270 on the second rail, switch left 900 high mute grab on the jump option, right 900 tail grab, switch left double flat spin 900 bow and arrow grab and left-side double cork 720 safety grab.

In third place ($1,500) was Aspen’s Matt Walker with a blind swap on the flat-down, left blind 450 off the down-tube, switch right 900 tail-grab, right 900 tail-grab, switch left 900 tail-grab to left double cork 1260 opposite mute-grab.

For the women, Whitman captured first place and a $1,500 purse with a winning run consisting of sliding both rails, a backside 270 on the cannon box, right-side 360 safety grab, left-side cork 720 tail grab and left-side cork 900.

Placing second ($750) was Park City’s Crane-Mauzy, with a run that featured a left 270 on the box, sliding the shark-fin rail, a right 360 mute-grab, flat 360 Japan and left 360 safety-grab to double backflip.

In third ($300) was Alexi Micinski of Meridian, Idaho, who slid both rails, the flat-down and the down-tube, threw a left cork 720 mute-grab, a right 3 mute-grab and a left 360 tail-grab to left 540 mute-grab.

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