Column: Thanks for the help in 2015 |

Column: Thanks for the help in 2015

Dale Strode
The Aspen Times
Aspen Times Sports Editor Dale Strode
Nick Massaro Jr. / Special to The Aspen Times |

Thank you.

Over the course of 2015, so many of you helped contribute to sports in The Aspen Times and The Aspen Times Weekly.


Without your help, your contributions and your time, none of this would be possible.

Thanks again — even though thanks are never enough to acknowledge your help and your support.

Thanks, personally to just a few of you:

Dave Conarroe

Pat Callahan

Abby Mickey

Gordon Gerson

Andrew Papenfus

Jessica Phillips

Ashley Erba

Stevie Kremer

John Gaston

Mike Kloser

Max Taam

J. Marshall Thomson

Mike Maple

Paul Hamilton

Noah Hoffman

Cody Oates

Eric Knight

Johno McBride

Casey Puckett

Chris Davenport

Steve Campbell

Chris Klug

Matt Lanning

Maria Stuber

Walt Evans

Mark Cole

Mike Goerne

Barbara Frank

John Bangley

Mike Sirko

Chris Peshek

Ryan Triece

Matt Bergdahl

Celty Fitterer

Dave Francis

Chris Keleher

Anne Gonzales

Jay Schultz

James Aldridge

David Fuentes

Chris Freud

Jay Maher

Carl Frerichs

Daniel Bayer

Danny Martinez

Josh Mink

Ryan Bradley

Jim Ryan

John Gillies

Ron Morehead

Rolf Schildman

Greg Peterson

Gary Quandt

Tharyn Mulberry

Mary Woulfe

Dru Lucchesi

Shaun Hathaway

Blake Hull

Cameron McIntyre

Mark Williams

Fleming Trane

Brian Going

Brent Hayes

Mike Nelson

Dave Stapleton

Jeff Hanle

John Silich

Sue Geist

Tucker Vest Burton

Meaghan Lynch

Ron Lund

Andrew Huntsman

Jennifer Wright

Danny Chi

Crystal Yang

Sergio Ruiz

Aubree Dallas

Jessica Owings

Ryan Ammerman

Will Montgomery

Mikey Wechsler

John Bakken

Bobby Moyer

Joel Brice

Nancy Lesley

Andy Mill

Carol Sams

Steve Ketchum

Rickey Gates

Megan Lund Lizotte

Mark Barbour

Leah Moriarty

Jon Mitchell

Pam Alexander

Pat Graham

Eddie Pells

Sandra Doebler

Bob Wade

Tim Schaefer

Mike Schultz

Lance Armstrong

Of course, it goes without saying that a special thank you goes to my colleagues at The Aspen Times.

Thanks again.

And happy everything.


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