Coldwell Banker/Mason Morse Town Race Series: Slalom 2 from March 3 |

Coldwell Banker/Mason Morse Town Race Series: Slalom 2 from March 3

Staff report
Coldwell Banker/Mason Morse Town Race Series
Individual Race Results by Division
Adv Slalom 2 – 3/3/2018
Womens Advanced
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
95Simpson, JenniferBOOTech48.7446.071:34.81100
96Tomlinson, DeborahTimberline Bank58.75DNF0.000
Mens Over 60
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
81Zamansky, DavidBOOTech48.7344.231:32.96100
9Hemphill, ArlanBOOTech47.7946.311:34.1080
2Tower, ChuckStapleton Ski50.8648.111:38.9760
50Patten, TerryTimberline Bank58.0454.861:52.9055
80Houot, JacquesHighlands Ale House1:16.791:11.612:28.4051
46Rainer, EddieHighlands Ale House50.25DSQ0.000
29Fuchs, WayneKSPN1:00.57DSQ0.000
Mens Over 50
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
8Strickland, ScottStapleton Ski41.7438.911:20.65100
10Wirkler, ChrisTimberline Bank46.6442.971:29.6180
66Lindsay, JimBOOTech48.0346.041:34.0760
4Payne, Michael48.9746.341:35.3155
39Tomcich, BillTimberline Bank49.3046.191:35.4951
6Popinchalk, JoeyTimberline BankDNF0.000
Mens Over 40
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
154Ballou, JonathanBOOTech41.0838.481:19.56100
23McLendon, IanHighlands Ale House42.4140.131:22.5480
159Roy, JasonStapleton Ski44.3841.061:25.4460
37Ottersen, AriTimberline Bank46.5943.531:30.1255
27Sturt, DavidHighlands Ale House44.721:14.551:59.2751
Mens Advanced
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
78Adams, LangeBOOTech40.5840.261:20.84100
61Fogg, JoshuaBOOTech44.4941.121:25.6180
40Ice, LoganStapleton Ski45.7944.571:30.3660
34Centofanti, SteveHighlands Ale House50.9351.031:41.9655
143Evia Roca, EnriqueBOOTech35.08DNF0.000
Young Adult Women
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
172Sherlock, EdieBonnie`s Babes40.9338.871:19.80100
109Hill, GemmaBonnie`s Babes45.7843.621:29.4080
407Johansson, Annika46.8845.551:32.4360
175Jackson, TashiBonnie`s Babes48.2846.991:35.2755
164Smith, Chantal51.6348.931:40.5651
171Nichols, AnnikaBonnie`s Babes46.590.000
173Balko, StoreyBonnie`s BabesDSQDNF0.000
161Smith, Chloe44.09DNF0.000
Young Adult Men
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunCombinedPoints
146Simpson, Jonathan40.5537.371:17.92100


Coldwell Banker/Mason Morse Town Race Series
Individual Race Results by Division
Rec Slalom 2 – 3/3/2018
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunBestPoints
170Blatz, Cameron51.9845.890:45.89100
174Blatz, Casey50.7447.560:47.5680
406Stephen, Josh54.1749.410:49.4160
94Sinclair, Charles55.2054.430:54.4355
Womens Rec
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunBestPoints
90Fletcher, KKAspen Elks1:13.901:15.141:13.90100
Mens Rec
Bib #RacerTeam1st Run2nd RunBestPoints
48Shackelford, Mark1:01.8558.230:58.23100
91Kennedy, TomAspen Elks1:02.221:01.141:01.1480
405Rom, Bill1:10.261:08.571:08.5760
Team Race Results
Adv Slalom 2
Stapleton Ski220
Timberline Bank190
Highlands Ale House186
Bonnie`s Babes235


Race Participation
Bib #Womens AdvancedTeamAllGS+SLPoints
28Jenkins, AsiaHighlands Ale House22180
95Simpson, JenniferBOOTech22155
96Tomlinson, DeborahTimberline Bank33111
99Lindsay, CindyBOOTech22102
150Auferer, MarieStapleton Ski11100
349Boyman, Tiana1180
129Muxworthy, GretaStapleton Ski2260
7Womens Advanced Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Mens Over 60TeamAllGS+SLPoints
81Zamansky, DavidBOOTech33300
9Hemphill, ArlanBOOTech33240
2Tower, ChuckStapleton Ski33175
80Houot, JacquesHighlands Ale House33137
18Henley, SteveTimberline Bank22106
50Patten, TerryTimberline Bank22106
29Fuchs, WayneKSPN3394
46Rainer, EddieHighlands Ale House2260
8Mens Over 60 Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Mens Over 50TeamAllGS+SLPoints
8Strickland, ScottStapleton Ski33280
10Wirkler, ChrisTimberline Bank33220
66Lindsay, JimBOOTech33162
4Payne, Michael22115
39Tomcich, BillTimberline Bank22111
6Popinchalk, JoeyTimberline Bank33102
49Madsen, BillBOOTech11100
52Prinster, MichaelTimberline Bank1155
1Monsauret, MikeStapleton Ski1143
9Mens Over 50 Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Mens Over 40TeamAllGS+SLPoints
27Sturt, DavidHighlands Ale House33186
23McLendon, IanHighlands Ale House22180
154Ballou, JonathanBOOTech22180
37Ottersen, AriTimberline Bank22155
159Roy, JasonStapleton Ski22120
5Mens Over 40 Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Mens BTeamAllGS+SLPoints
137Sampson, MikeStapleton Ski11100
306Andras, FlorianTimberline Bank1180
2Mens B Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Mens AdvancedTeamAllGS+SLPoints
34Centofanti, SteveHighlands Ale House33153
78Adams, LangeBOOTech22151
147McDonald, WillStapleton Ski22135
35Kelsey, SkyBOOTech11100
47Nyberg, JonasStapleton Ski22100
40Ice, LoganStapleton Ski3397
260Throm, BenStapleton Ski1180
61Fogg, JoshuaBOOTech1180
259VanVuuen, AriStapleton Ski1160
141Benoit, Charles1160
350Aldercotte, Andrew1147
42Campbell, JulianHighlands Ski Patrol1140
143Evia Roca, EnriqueBOOTech110
158Sciarrone, KyHighlands Ale House110
14Mens Advanced Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Young Adult WomenTeamAllGS+SLPoints
109Hill, GemmaBonnie`s Babes22160
161Smith, Chloe33160
172Sherlock, EdieBonnie`s Babes33143
164Smith, Chantal33133
175Jackson, TashiBonnie`s Babes33117
304Sutro, Kajsa22100
311Pannis, AlexaTeam AVSC11100
310Olson, MeganTeam AVSC1180
171Nichols, AnnikaBonnie`s Babes3379
173Balko, StoreyBonnie`s Babes3375
140Hopkinson, MacyBonnie`s Babes2269
407Johansson, Annika1160
165McSwain, Devan1155
163Munro, Tess1151
117McSwain, Summer1147
317Muxworthy, Sophie1137
312Pucket, RileyTeam AVSC1134
106Truin, Claire1120
166Munro, Lexi1118
324Bassi, Chiara110
20Young Adult Women Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Young Adult MenTeamAllGS+SLPoints
146Simpson, Jonathan22143
305Sweeney, Jack22106
347Toribio, Devon11100
148Perkins, TannerBOOTech11100
309Garber, DevonTeam AVSC1180
325Colon, Heath1160
303Bain, CalderTeam AVSC1155
308Godomsky, MaxTeam AVSC1151
326Olson, Charlie1147
313Colon, DavisTeam AVSC1140
327Formen, Noah1137
142Kelly, James1134
110Cohen, Eli1131
168Shille, Jaden1128
314Sweeney, Hank110
169Sachs, Felix110
307Hamm, Luke110
127Hagge, Carter220
328Forman, Sasha110
19Young Adult Men Racers
Race Participation
Bib #BoysTeamAllGS+SLPoints
170Blatz, Cameron33300
174Blatz, Casey33240
94Sinclair, Charles33166
167Stokes, Jimmy22110
348Ferry, Aksel1160
406Stephen, Josh1160
105Sachs, Balti1151
7Boys Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Womens RecTeamAllGS+SLPoints
90Fletcher, KKAspen Elks22160
149McMillan, KatherineAspen Elks11100
87Madsen, DebAspen Elks1180
3Womens Rec Racers
Race Participation
Bib #Mens RecTeamAllGS+SLPoints
91Kennedy, TomAspen Elks33280
48Shackelford, Mark33260
405Rom, Bill1160
3Mens Rec Racers



Coldwell Banker/Mason Morse Town Race Series
Cumulative Team Race Results
MenStapleton Ski760
MenHighlands Ale House661
MenTimberline Bank625
MenTeam AVSC260
MenHighlands Ski Patrol40
LadiesBonnie`s Babes514
MenAspen Elks560



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