Matt Bergdahl resigns as Aspen High School volleyball coach |

Matt Bergdahl resigns as Aspen High School volleyball coach

Aspen High School volleyball coach Matt Bergdahl talks during a timeout in 2014. Bergdahl recently resigned as the team's coach.
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Matt Bergdahl has long been a major force in shaping the volleyball scene around Aspen. Going forward, however, he might be taking a little more of a backseat approach.

“When he moved to the valley, he just had such a passion and with some other people really rejuvenated the valley’s love for volleyball that had kind of gone non-existent,” Aspen High School Athletic Director Jay Maher said.

“He’s a super guy. He cares nothing more than about the kids and about them loving the game and growing to love the game. I think it’s important for people to know that and hear that about him, because Matt is not a self-touting person.”

Bergdahl, the longtime head coach for AHS volleyball, recently resigned from his position. He served as the Skiers’ head coach for two stints, first from 1999 to 2007, then again from 2012 through the 2016 fall season. On top of his 14 years as head coach, he’s been involved with the program for even more.

“He’s kind of got to the point where right now it’s just not working for him to continue for various reasons as the head coach. He still feels passionately and wants to be involved at some level,” Maher said.

“Matt has hinted a little bit about wanting to be involved in some capacity. We’ve invited Matt to be involved in the hiring process and evaluation of people who might be interested. We’ve also invited some parents to be a part of that.”

Bergdahl has two children, twins, who both will be seniors at AHS in the fall. His daughter, Maddy, plays on the volleyball team.

Maher plans to post the job opening for AHS volleyball in the coming days.

“He told us that his kids were definitely part of his thought process in making the decision,” Maher said. “Unfortunately, he thinks there might be other people that can do what he’s been doing and continue to carry the torch of Aspen High School volleyball.”

Bergdahl could not be reached for comment.