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AVSC’s Coffey lights up field in Crested Butte

Aspen Times Staff Report

Eleven-year-old Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club alpine racer Joanna Coffey decided not to act her age at the Rocky Mountain Division Age Class Giant Slalom races at Crested Butte last Sunday, Jan. 4.

Instead, Coffey stepped up and bested a crowded field of older racers to take home first place in both races.

“She had a flawless run in the morning and beat everyone including the 14 year-olds,” said AVSC head age class coach Pat Callahan. “She wound up in fourth place among the boys in the overall standings.”

The AVSC J-4 women owned the podium Sunday morning, with Olivia Davis finishing second and Whitney Thurston third. “All three of them skied great and had a blast,” said AVSC J-4 age class coach Alice Milu.

The 9- and 10-year-old J-5 racers were paced by AVSC’s George Rodney, who had another first-place finish for the team with an outstanding morning run. Bobby Moyer followed with a fast, technical run to finish in third place for AVSC. Teammate Tyler Nelson moved from fourth to third place, and Luke Hemming went from seventh to fifth in the afternoon.

Katie Ryan had a great day as well with two first-place finishes of her own, while teammate Katie Mickey finished third and second in her two runs. J-5 newcomer Nelly Weiser stepped up to the podium with a third-place finish in the afternoon race. Emily Timroth, Julia Ristine, Brenna Newell and Mallory Meloy all cracked the top-10 for the club in both races, coming in fifth through eighth, respectively, in the morning.

Not to be outdone by his teammates, J-4 racer Jack Kirby finished first for his division in both races by besting heavier competition. “He’s smooth and fast and his hard work is paying off,” said Milu.

Fellow J-4 racer James Britvar moved from a fifth-place finish to second in the second race. According to Milu, “James is a great skier. He’s always looking for feedback as to how to go faster.”

Jesse Hoffman broke through the top 10 in his first run for an eighth-place finish and teammate James Schindler turned it on for his second run to jump from 11th to fourth overall.

Though disappointed with her first run result, J-3 racer Jenny Hearn rebounded nicely to take the top spot on the podium in the afternoon’s giant slalom. Taylor Buzbee also moved onto the podium in the second race, improving from fifth to third place. “Both overcame their mistakes to finish strong,” said AVSC J-3 coach Molly Tarbet.

Christina Van Moorsel moved up the standings from ninth to fifth and, according to Tarbet, “She’s made significant improvements since the beginning of the year.”

On the men’s side, J-3 racer Stephen Buzbee won the first race with the fastest time of the day, winning by over a half second. “He’s skiing so well,” said Tarbet. “He’s extremely aggressive and technically superior to the rest of the field.”

Baker Boyd, Wiley Maple, Sam Coffey, and Ryan Webster all had solid first-race finishes, coming in fourth through seventh, respectively. Webster moved up to third place in the afternoon and, according to Tarbet, that should become a regular occurrence for all of them.

“I’m really happy with Ryan’s focus. Each of these guys has the potential to make it to the podium.”


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