Athlete Spotlight: Meg Olenick |

Athlete Spotlight: Meg Olenick

Meg Olenick
Special to The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado
Meg Olenick

Projected trip: Aspen to Denver to Reno, Nev., to Mammoth, Calif., to Tahoe, Calif., to Reno to Denver.

Number of Days: 7?

Socks: Seven pairs. How many ski socks? How many regular? Will I have laundry? No one likes skiing in crusty, stinky socks. Ten pairs just to be on the safe side (three regular, seven ski).

Jeans: Can I wear white jeans in the winter? Fashion faux pas? Is it worth it to bring my white jeans knowing that somehow I will ruin them? But what if there’s a cute boy I want to wear them for? All boys love a girl in white jeans. Sold.

Sweatshirts: One for skiing, one for street wear. No one wants to be the girl in the oversized hoodie that attracts negative attention. Remember: Be feminine off the hill.

Outerwear: All black. Ninja style. Not very good for competing. Dang. Judges see color better. Pink pants: too girly; red pants: too big; turquoise pants: not long enough; denim pants: that should work, not too flashy, not black.

Under layers: Easy. The same ones I wear all winter long. I could even pack them layered inside one another.

Underwear: 12 pairs. Girl’s worst nightmare is running out of underwear. Granny panties for skiing. Don’t laugh. Something cute for the nightlife. Use your imagination.

Workout clothes: One pair of shorts, one tank top. Bring ’em, not too sure I’ll use them, but if I run into the trainer at least I’ll be prepared and he’ll be impressed.

Toiletries: Sunscreen. Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Face wash. Hair brush. Perfume (easy, quick “shower”). Lotion. Shampoo? Conditioner? Nah, I hope someone else brings them. Makeup bag (I want to impress people off the hill too!). Bronzer (to cover up the goggle tan. Goggle tans are NOT cool).

Going out clothes: Option 1: black tank top with a green vest over it, black jeans, brown boots. But I can’t wear black jeans and brown boots, fashion no-no. Option 2: grey and black dress with black tights, black short cowboy boots. Now it is winter, is a dress appropriate? Am I going to be able to get down on the dance floor in a dress? Too scandalous? I’ll bring both just to be safe. (This is why girls always overpack.)

Sweatpants: The comfy oversized ones with the grease stains all over them or the more fitted pair that is more appropriate to wear out in public? Fine, you win. The more fitted pair it is.

Electronics: Computer. iPod. Headphones. iPhone. Chargers. Split headphone jack (your travel buddy always appreciates this). GoPro (filming dumb stuff is so easy when you have the camera at your fingertips).

Shoes: The hardest part. Vans. Gym shoes. Boots – the tall brown ones that I love to wear when I go out and have the perfect soles for dancing, or the short brown ones that I can wear all time but don’t really match any of my going out outfits? Moon boots? They are so bulky to pack but sure do keep my feet warm standing around at the hill. Slippers? Nikes? Suede boat shoes?

Now, can I fit all of this and more in a bag with it not being more than 50 pounds?

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