Aspen tennis swats Delta, improves to 7-0 |

Aspen tennis swats Delta, improves to 7-0

Aspen Times Staff Report

The Aspen High girls tennis team breezed to victory Wednesday at Delta to remain undefeated in head-to-head match play on the season at 7-0.

“We were there an hour and then we were through,” said Aspen coach Sherril Kerr. “We breezed through.”

All four of Aspen’s doubles pairings won easily, including the No. 1 pair of Alex Leddy and Nicole Hernandez, the No. 2 pair of Jacqueline Pearlstone and Brittany Biebl, the No. 3 pair of Courtney Sheeley and Jennifer Leddy and the No. 4 pair of Christina Schulter and Meredith Hanrahan. The four pairs dropped a combined total of seven games.

Freshman Michelle Koehler, a JV regular, filled in for Aspen’s ace, Laura Gordon, at the No. 1 singles spot and lost. “She played a good match, but she was up against [Delta’s] best player,” Kerr said.

Aspen’s regular No. 2 singles player, Melissa Marcus, won easily, while Becca Cote dropped a tough match at No. 3 singles. “She’s struggling a bit. It was just one of those days for her, and we all have them,” Kerr said.

On Saturday, Aspen hosts Durango at 11 a.m. at the Maroon Creek Club.

“They’re a strong Class 5A team, so this will be a good match,” Kerr said. “I just hope we can say we’re undefeated in head-to-head matches after the weekend.”

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