Aspen Team Diva: Synchro champs |

Aspen Team Diva: Synchro champs

Dale Strode
The Aspen Times
Competitors in the 2014 Aspen World Synchro Championships work their magic on North American, just above Bonnie's Restaurant.
Dale Strode / The Aspen Times |


On skis.

With matching uniforms, matching skis and matching turns, Aspen Team Diva ruled the synchronized skiing competition this week on Aspen Mountain.

For the first time since their founding in 1998, Aspen Team Diva won the Aspen World Synchro Championships.

Aspen Team Diva rose to the top with their skiing choreography, topping seven other teams that competed in the 12th annual contest featuring ski instructors from across the world.

This year, in addition to the synchro competition, races and bump contests were staged.

With their victory in the synchronicity phase, Aspen Team Devo won the 2014 event with the Telluride Ghostriders finishing second.

The title for Aspen Team Diva also was the first title ever for an all-women’s team.

Here are the members of victorious Aspen Team Diva:

Kelly Beairsto

Jen Rupert

Jenny MacArthur

Jacqui Forster

Maca Carluccio

Emilie Tait-Jamieson

Maddie Voshell

Chloe Merry

Luciana Salgado

Coach Stephanie Brown

Aspen Demo Team, the Aspen men’s synchro team, finished third overall.

Beaver Creek Epic Chix finished fourth and second in the women’s division.

Team Beavo was fifth with the Southern Synchro Skiers sixth.

The Southern Synchro Skiers consist of ski instructors from the Southern Hemisphere.

Aspen Team Diva-ettes finished seventh.

The Aspen Team Diva-Lution team was eighth.

They are part of the Aspen Team Diva program, consisting of Aspen Skiing Co. ski instructors.

Judges for the 2014 contest were led by head judge Gregor Neal. He was joined by Stacey Gerrish, Kevin Jordan, Rick Vetromile, Tom Jacobson and Linda Guerrette.

Bonnie’s Restaurant stayed open for the competition with a large crowd of spectators gathered on Bonnie’s deck for the Monday synchro finals.