Aspen Demo Team wins World Synchro Championships |

Aspen Demo Team wins World Synchro Championships

Staff report

The Aspen Demo Team won the title in the annual Aspen World Synchro Championships on Aspen Mountain last weekend.

Eight teams of ski instructors competed in the two-day event that included racing, bumps as well as synchro ski.

While the Aspen Demo Team won overall first place, the Telluride Ghostriders finished second for the second consecutive year.

Aspen Team Diva, the 2014 winners, finished third.

Team Beavo was fourth with Argenteam fifth.

Sixth place this year went to the Beaver Creek Epic Chix.

The Aspen Team Diva-Ettes were seventh with the Aspen Team Diva-Lution next.

In scoring, the synchro results accounted for 70 percent of the team results.

In the synchro competition, Aspen Demo Team was first with Aspen Team Diva second. The Telluride Ghostriders were third.

In the racing competition held on the opening day, Aspen Demo Team was first with Argenteam second.

Third in racing went to Aspen Team Diva followed by Aspen Team Diva-Ettes.

The Argenteam won the bump contest. Telluride Ghostriders were second with Aspen Demo Team third.

Team Beavo was fourth.

In individual race results, Tim Cafe of Aspen Demo Team was first with Ramiro Brizzi second and Zachary Ergish third.

Among the women, Emilie Tait-Jamieson of Aspen Team Diva was first with teammate Luciana Salgado second.

Marcena Carluccio of Argenteam was third.

Jonathan Berger won the men’s bump contest. Willi Glanzig of the Telluride Ghostriders was second.

Tait-Jamieson also won the women’s bump contest.

Melissa Anderson of the Beaver Creek Epic Chix was second.