Aspen Cycling Club results: Sky Mountain Park (Cozyline-Deadline) from Aug. 3 |

Aspen Cycling Club results: Sky Mountain Park (Cozyline-Deadline) from Aug. 3

Staff report
Aspen Cycling Club's Frying Pan Time Trial on Wednesday, July 1, 2020, near Ruedi Reservoir.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

From Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022

Men’s A Long Course — Wave 1
1—0:54:03—SHANKS, Cooper—Basalt Bike & Ski
2—0:55:13—BECK, George—Strafe/STRAFE x MountainFLOW Eco-Wax
3—0:55:52—STROKES, Gregory—Resqwater
4—0:56:37—KOSTER, Ryan—Culver’s Glenwood Springs
5—1:00:15—TRANTOW, Tristan—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
6—1:02:50—KAROW, Will—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
7—1:05:30—SHAFER, Brendan
Women’s A Long Course — Wave 2
1—1:10:37—BERINO, Jenya
Men’s B Long Course — Wave 2
1—0:58:28—HEATH, Liam—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
2—0:59:37—KLUG, Chris
3—1:00:00—METCALF, Ian
4—1:00:13—SANTINI, Peter—Limelight Hotels
5—1:01:26—SMITH, Larry—Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork
6—1:01:40—VOORHEES, Peter
7—1:01:59—RISPOLI, Maxwell—The Meatballs
8—1:02:52—ELLIOT, Simon—Basalt Bike & Ski
9—1:04:30—WILLIAMS, Brian
10—1:04:31—ADAMS, Casey—Basalt Bike & Ski
11—1:05:19—FUNK, Adam—The Meatballs
12—1:06:38—MAPLE, Michael—Hub of Aspen
13—1:07:08—CIBULSKY, John
14—1:09:46—CHERNOSKY, David—Groove Subaru
15—1:14:10—BURKLEY, Rich—Limelight Hotels
Men’s C Short Course — Wave 3
1—0:43:46—BEERS, Seth
Men 50+ Short Course — Wave 3
1—0:49:30—TRANTOW, George—Valley Ortho
2—0:52:01—COOK, Miles
Men 60+ Short Course — Wave 3
1—0:45:27—GIBANS, Jon—Basalt Bike & Ski
2—0:47:26—ARMSTRONG, Mike—Basalt Bike & Ski
3—0:50:40—SLIVA, Glenn—Basalt Bike & Ski
Men 70+ Short Course — Wave 3
1—1:00:32—JONES, Larry
2—1:01:52—ADAMSON, John—Twisted Spokes Racing
High School Girls Short Course — Wave 3
1—0:44:25—HEATH, Megan—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
2—1:03:27—RICH, Marley

Race Marshals: Quinn Carpenter, Mark Murphy, Casper Shanks, Butch Peterson, Steve Denny, Corbin Carpenter

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