Anderson tops in GS |

Anderson tops in GS

Aspen Times Staff

Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club’s Lindsey Anderson wasted no time showing off her speed at the first Roaring Fork Series races of the season, both giant slaloms Jan. 2 on the Aspen Mountain Strawpile course.Anderson posted the two fastest times of the day for a girl or a boy to win both races in the J3 division.”She was on fire today,” said Rohan Verplank, the alpine age class coach for AVSC . Anderson and the rest of the younger members of the AVSC alpine contingent faced teams from Powderhorn and Sunlight Mountain. J3 racer Micah Evonitz won the first race for in the boys division and was second in the final race, falling to rival Patrick Davenport of Powderhorn. J4 racer Katie Ryan also impressed, turning in the second and third-fastest times for both boys and girls. “Katie smoked both of her runs and was by far the most impressive J4 skier out there,” Verplank said. J4 boys Bobby Moyer and George Rodney dueled with Sunlight’s Kevin Hartman for the top spots on the podium. “I was particularly impressed with J4 third-place finisher Teddy Benge,” Verplank said. “In the first two races of his career he just stomped it.”It was Xon Baker and Devon Cardamone’s day for the J5 boys. Both racers earned a top spot on the podium – Baker in the first race and Cardamone in the second. Colby Lane and Matthew Gregory showed their consistency by finishing on the podium in both races. Verplank singled out Matthew Gregory for his effort. “Mattie had a great outing in his first-ever race,” he said.For the J5 girls, Julia Ristine and Ilona Schwartz traded spots on the podium, each with a first and a second. “Both girls showed me they know how to go fast,” Verplank said.Results (All AVSC racers, unless noted)First GS – J5 girls1. Julia Ristine2. Ilona Schwartz3. Courtney Clark (PWD)4. Brooke Brockhoff5. Maggie Ryan6. Maddie East7. Annabelle Wilcox8. Gracy McSwain9. Sonja Gagen10. Destiny Mullen (PWD)Second GS1. Ilona Schwartz2. Julia Ristine3. Lilly McSwain (SUN)4. Kylie Kropf5. Brooke Brockhoff6. Annabelle Wilcox7. Maddie East8. Courtney Clark (PWD)9. Maggie Ryan10. Destiny Mullen (PWD)First GS – J5 boys1. Xon Baker2. Matthew Gregory3. Colby Lane4. Eli Kaplan5. Andrew Hancock6. Sam Alexander7. Keino Davis (PWD)8. Henry Woodrow9. Sevrin Mathys10. Chapin NewhardSecond GS1. Devon Cardamone2. Colby Lane3. Matthew Gregory4. Andrew Hancock5. Zach Twardowski (PWD)6. Eli Kaplan7. Henry Woodrow8. Jake Gentry (SUN)9. Sam Alexander10. Chapin NewhardFirst GS – J4 girls1. Katie Ryan2. Katie Mickey3. Mallory Meloy4. Hannah Hemming5. Madison Gurley (PWD)6. Brenna Newell7. Isabelle Woodrow8. Keevyn Scholl (SUN)Second GS1. Katie Ryan2. Mallory Meloy3. Katie Mickey4. Brenna Newell5. Isabelle Woodrow6. Madison Gurley (PWD)First GS – J4 boys1. Bobby Moyer2. Kevin Hartman (SUN)3. Teddy Benge4. Tyler Nelson5. Parker Olsen6. Max Mroz (PWD)7. Anders Carlson (PWD)8. Cain Hilderbrand9. Luke Hemming10. Ryan FahySecond GS1. Kevin Hartman (SUN)2. George Rodney3. Teddy Benge4. Anders Carlson (PWD)5. Ryan Fahy6. Parker Olsen7. Luke Hemming8. Rylan Perez (PWD)9. Kyle Avrett (PWD)10. Niklas KlemmingFirst GS -J3 girls1. Lindsey Anderson2. Sarah Andrews3. Joanna Coffey4. McKenzie Clark (PWD)5. Kourtney Mitchell (SUN)6. Molly Keelty7. Katherine Howe – PWD8. Katie Waller – SUN9. Laura Sudmeier10. Gabriella ZaharkoSecond GS1. Lindsey Anderson2. Joanna Coffey3. Sarah Andrews4. McKenzie Clark (PWD)5. Kourtney Mitchell (SUN)6. Katherine Howe (PWD)7. Laura Sudmeier8. Molly Keelty9. Katie McGovern10. Gabriella ZaharkoFirst GS – J3 boys1. Micah Evonitz2. Ben Scissors (PWD)3. Nevin Carlson (PWD)4. Jonathan Woodrow5. Jack Canfield6. Mitch Irwin (PWD)7. Patrick Davenport (PWD)8. Indy LaneSecond GS1. Patrick Davenport (PWD)2. Micah Evonitz3. Jonathan Woodrow4. Mitch Irwin (PWD)5. Jack Canfield6. Indy Lane

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