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Wash your car, save water

Abby Margulis
Special to the Sun
Mario Zulian, owner of Eco Steam Wash, uses a steam machine to clean a Ferrari. His company uses steam rather than water to clean cars, homes and businesses throughout the valley.
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Mario Zulian, a former snowboarding athlete from Brazil, came across steam-washing technology when he was in Korea for a competition. He remembers stopping at a supermarket, where it was noisy and all he could see was steam coming out of the middle of the parking lot. He approached the station to ask what was going on and found out they were cleaning cars with steam.

Zulian thought the eco-friendly technique would benefit the Aspen community, and he opened up Eco Steam Wash at the Conoco Gas Station on East Main Street. Zulian is celebrating the fifth anniversary of his business, which uses steam to clean and detail cars.

“I noticed during the winter (that) cars get really dirty here,” Zulian said. “The only way to clean my car during the winter was taking it to the ABC self-service car wash. I thought that was something the ladies wouldn’t like to do because it was hard during the wintertime.”

Last winter Zulian opened a second location in the Viceroy Snowmass parking garage.

“We want to serve Snowmass residents and the (tourists) who come during the winter,” Zulian said. “You can literally drop your car off, go ski and come back and pick it up.”

Two years ago, Zulian expanded his business to home cleaning at the request of some of his clients. He cleans furniture, carpets and floors, hot tubs, grills and anything else that needs to be power-washed delicately. With a mobile steam machine, Zulian can clean cars at any location from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.

Snowmass Sun: Why use steam?

Mario Zulian: It is a very effective way to clean any kind of surfaces because steam itself is a natural cleaning agent. It’s hot water, and it’s high pressure. It uses fewer chemicals and saves water. Only 1 gallon is used per car, and there’s no water runoff into a sewage system.

SS: Where did this technology originate?

MZ: The technology originated in Korea and first came from steam cleaning airplanes 20 years ago.

SS: What are the benefits of having your car cleaned with steam?

MZ: The quality of the work is better. The steam allows for better cleaning. First, it gets in the little crevices and details corners better than water because the water splashes (whereas) the steam can be more precise. Second, the steam kills bacteria, fungus and germs without using harsh chemicals. Steam sanitizes. Third, you’re saving a lot of water in the environment, and the water is not being thrown back with soap in the drain system or rivers.

For more information, visit http://www.ecosteamwash.com.

Abby Margulis is an editorial intern working at The Aspen Times this fall. She is a junior at DePauw University in Indiana.

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