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“The old buildings of the historic Anderson Ranch Arts Center on Owl Creek have throughout recent years been weatherized and winterized — except for the woodshop, the last structure to be improved. This fall, the woodworking facility is to be upgraded, according to Anderson Ranch Director Jeffery Moore, who noted the building at present is inadequate in meeting needs of artists and staff. Expanded to 4,000 square feet at a cost of $140,000 the new building has been designed by Aspen architect Harry Teague. Teague’s design blends new additions with the present building, and affords a maximum of workable space. Teague also designed the Dows Barn, completed in 1981, and the Gates Barn, completed the following year,” according to The Aspen Times, Sept. 29, 1983. Later, in 1986, the facility was named in Sam Maloof and wife Alfreda’s honor (pictured in front of the shop). Photograph by Paul Andersen.

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