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Up, up and away…

One b/w image of a balloon inflation at the tenth annual Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was in the Aspen Times on July 18, 1985, pg. 1B.
Frank Martin |

“Like sleeping giants greeting the morning sun, 46 hot-air balloons came to life last weekend for the 10th annual Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival,” described Duane Noriyuki in an Aspen Times article in 1985. “From lifeless blankets, they were filled with hot air until they rested comfortably on their sides, as crews in bellies of the balloons made final safety inspections. With a final yawn, the balloons stretched to the sky, ready for takeoff in the morning breeze. Like bubbles rising to the water’s surface, the festival began. … (Randy) Woods was among five pilots who reached Carbondale during the race downvalley. The 21.7 miles covered by the balloons was farther than the winner last year, which was the first year the event was included in the Snowmass Festival. The reception downvalley as balloons landed was tremendous, Woods said. People were able to watch their televisions as a Denver station covered the event live, Woods said, then look out their back doors and see the same balloons float to the ground.” Photo by Frank Martin.

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