Trail talks: The Town of Snowmass wants your weeds |

Trail talks: The Town of Snowmass wants your weeds

Starr Jamison
Snowmass Parks, Recreation and Trails Department

Editor’s note: “Trail Talks” is a series, in partnership with the town of Snowmass Parks, Recreation and Trails Department, that explores trail issues, etiquette and rules for shared trail use in the village.

The Town of Snowmass’ parks and trails department has worked diligently over the past four years to eradicate noxious weeds. Weed management activities are contracted annually to a commercial herbicide application company, which the parks and trails manager oversees.

Because weeds continue to be a problem, the Parks and Trails Department is continuing its weed pull program and asking Snowmass Residents to pick the weeds listed below.

Stop by our office at 2835 Brush Creek Road to pick up trash bags.

Please properly identify the weeds and know the proper technique for pulling each plant species (see below). Use extreme caution when pulling poison hemlock.

Return bags to our office, where we can help identify species, count the weeds and properly dispose of them.

The person who pulls the most weeds will receive a free membership to the Snowmass Recreation Center.

Weed species, pulling techniques

Scentless Chamomile: Hand pulling, bagging and disposal is the most effective method to prevent their spread into new areas.

Oxeye Daisy: Repeated tillage or digging for removal.

Poison Hemlock: Wear gloves (avoid poisonous sap), a facemask (mouth protection) and eye protection when removing. Tillage, digging and pulling recommended.

Common Tansy: Mow or cut to decrease seed production. Pulling and digging are ineffective and can stimulate roots to spread.

Canada Thistle: Do not cut tap root (this will increase growth), regular cutting or tillage of plant should diminish its reserves.

Plumeless Thistle: Mowing, cutting, digging, pulling or cultivation are all effective if done prior to flowering.

Houndstongue: Root crown must be severed and removed properly. Remove and dispose of entire plant (root, leaves, flowers, etc.).