Trail Talk: Be nice and say hi |

Trail Talk: Be nice and say hi

Starr Jamison
Parks and Trails Manager, Town of Snowmass Village
Snowmass trail users may spot some new "Be Nice, Say Hi!" signs as they get out this fall.
Starr Jamison/courtesy photo


Starting next week, the Village Voices section is going to look a little different.

Instead of the normal rotating community features, for the next five weeks Page 2 will have responses from all five Town Council candidates and both mayor candidates to a question centered on important issues and values in Snowmass Village. Each candidate will be limited to a 200 word response to each question, and there will also be a short bio section for each candidate included in next week’s issue of the Snowmass Sun.

There are five candidates running for the two Town Council seats up for re-election: Matthew Owens, Gray Warr, Alyssa Shenk, Tom Fridstein and Jeff Kremer. Current council members Bill Madsen and Tom Goode are running for mayor.

For more information or questions about the Page 2 format up until the Nov. 3 election, email

Some of you reading this have been riding Snowmass Village trails for decades; others are visiting for the first time. We all have our own reasons for being on the trails, especially with summer’s end and more people getting out to see the spectacular fall foliage. With this in mind, we are bracing for a busy September leaf season. Who doesn’t love a trail filled with yellow aspen leaves?

And while we are anticipating a busy fall, it’s important to note that this has been a summer like no other. If trails come up in conversation, without a doubt I hear “this is the busiest summer I’ve seen,” and that is correct according to our trail counters. In 2019, the South Rim Trail received 18,655 counts from May through September. In 2020, we currently have 44,467 counts, which is the most users we’ve recorded since 2016. Considering this and that the next couple of weeks may be busy with more people out there enjoying and sharing the same beautiful, colorful landscapes, let’s remember a few things:

Have fun, wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Be safe; don’t ride fast and take chances.

Say hi! It’s a nice thing to do. Slow down, establish communication, be prepared to stop and pass in a safe and friendly manner.

Share the Trail. Yield appropriately, but if it is easier for you to move to the side and causes less damage to the resource then please do.

Please Communicate. Often you’ll be on your own, but when you encounter others please let them know how many are in your group. If it’s easier for you to yield to them, please do so.

Respect private property and don’t be obnoxiously loud. We have easements through private property and are appreciative of public access. Please respect owners’ privacy.

Don’t ride E-bikes on dirt trail. CLASS 1 is the only type of E-bike allowed on paved Snowmass Village trails. No E-bike is permitted on natural surface trails anywhere in the town of Snowmass Village, which includes ski area trails.

Plan your route. Snowmass has 90-plus miles of hiking and biking trials for you to explore

Leave no Trace! Pack it in/pack it out

We love animals; please respect wildlife. Animals are wild, so please give them space and never feed them!

Keep that dog on a leash. Obey the leash law and please pick up your dog’s poop and dispose of the bag (there is no Poop Fairy).

Whether you are seeing the aspen leaves change for the first or 10th season, there is only a short window to enjoy the golden colors. Let’s be nice, say “hi” and respect each other and these resources we all enjoy.