Snowmass Town Council hears updates on Base Village

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times
Snowmass Village can expect 1 to 2 steel deliveries per day this summer, as well as two cranes, Base Village developers told the Town Council last month.
Anna Stonehouse/Snowmass Sun |

The “name of the game this summer is steel,” East West construction management Vice President Will Little told the Snowmass Town Council at a meeting in late April.

Little, who’s charged with overseeing construction of Base Village, said Snowmass may anticipate “at least one to two steel deliveries” per day this summer.

“The benefit of our site currently is we have very little earth work to do to get these buildings started,” Little said during an “informal” Base Village update at an April 17 Town Council meeting.

East West managing partner Andy Gunion, who also spoke at the meeting, said, “In terms of projects, (the) Limelight’s obviously first and foremost.”

“We’ve been working with RA Nelson as the general contractor on that so far and we’re very close to finalizing a full agreement with them for the entire Limelight,” Gunion said. “The idea is that RA Nelson would do Limelight, plaza, Building 4 and Building 6, so that entire piece would be their scope. We’re talking with another group about (buildings) 7 and 8 just because it sequences differently.”

Little also told the council, “One thing to note is we do expect to have some tractor-trailer traffic to bring in structural steel; fortunately, it’s not nearly as much traffic as you’d often have with dirt work.”

East West expects these deliveries to enter through Lot C of Base Village, circle the lot and exit the lot, Little said.

He added, “We also will have some deliveries that’ll come up the bridge from (the) Viceroy.”

Despite construction management plans to close this road, Little said the developers intend to leave it open.

“We are going to have flaggers there to direct not only construction traffic but pedestrian traffic as well,” he said. “We realize that’s a pretty thoroughly used corridor in town and we want people to be able to continue to go up and down that area.”

However, Lot C, which offers public parking, will close for construction, Little said.

Also happening this summer, Gunion said East West intends to relocate a few offices to Snowmass Village.

“We are working with (the town Community Development director) Julie Ann (Woods) to move our sales and development offices into the village proper in a couple of locations,” Gunion said. “We hope to be moved over there by the end of August is the goal. This summer there’s a lot of construction activity but we planned our full sales effort to begin at the start of next ski season. We think it’s important to be located in the village, if we can make that happen, just to have that presence and activity there.”

In addition to the daily steel deliveries, Little said Snowmass may expect two cranes — “one smaller crane that will help with the form work for the concrete, one large crane that (will get) set on the back on the ski trail” — this summer.

“The idea is to start buildings 7 and 8 in the fall, and then that would finish in spring of 2019,” Gunion told the council. “If the core, meaning Limelight, (buildings) 4, 6 and the plaza, finish in fall of 2018, (buildings) 7 and 8 would kind of finish at the end of that ski season.”

Gunion later said, “A lot’s going on but it’s all good and exciting and moving forward.”