The best year for the most wonderful time |

The best year for the most wonderful time

Jill Beathard

This has been one of my favorite holiday seasons in recent memory.

I always love this time of year, but for some reason this time I think I’m enjoying it a little bit more. I tried to take it slow, only go to the holiday parties I really cared about — and go big at them — and skip the ones that I knew wouldn’t be worth the hangover. I kept my presents pretty simple: just one thing for each family member, although I do think I rocked those singular gifts, and nothing for my friends, who all agreed that we know we love each other and don’t need to spend any of our limited spending money to show it.

I really tried not to get stressed this year. Yes, I stayed up too late that one night watching Christmas movies and drinking Mexican hot chocolate with a girlfriend, but when else am I going to make those kinds of memories? No, I don’t really have time to buy and wrap presents, but I made time anyway and got most of them sent early enough, too. I’ve made time to ski. And whenever it becomes too much, I pop in a holiday classic (movies are a big part of my holiday traditions) and slow down for a minute.

My favorite thing, though, has been throwing out the “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” to everyone I see. That’s probably what has set the season apart from those in the past the most for me — that I’m just more conscious of it. That awareness, that remembering to be kind to people, to take interest in how they’re celebrating, to write cards instead of just sending presents — all of that in a small way has kept me more in the holiday spirit than anything, even blankets of powder (although those help too).

Jill Beathard wishes you a very merry holiday season. Contact her at

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