In the Bubble |

In the Bubble

One b/w glossy photograph and one film negative of the Snowmass Club and the tennis bubble next to the club. Snowmass Mountain and Snowmass Village can be seen in the background. A small lake, frozen over, can be seen in the foreground, 1985-.
Aspen Historical Society/courtes

“Bubble to cover two Snowmass tennis courts” stated The Aspen Times on Nov. 8, 1973. “A tennis bubble will be erected over courts one and two at the Snowmass Country Club in time for Thanksgiving play, the resort announced this week. The insulated Irvin Acoustadome will be air-supported and is made of a heavy-duty, flame-resistant material. A revolving door will connect the dome with a covered walkway to the clubhouse. After the bubble is up, the courts will be resurfaced with slow laykold finish, the announcement said.” While this was the first year they tried and used the tennis bubble, it became a Hallmark picture of the Snowmass Club with its puffy air bubble in among the snow-covered mountains around Snowmass as seen here in the early 1980s.

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