Snowmass Village history: Brush Creek Road paved with good intentions

Aspen Historical Society
Brush Creek Road, "what was once known locally as the ‘Proving Ground for Shock Absorbers,’ has been demobilized. The Brush Creek Road to West Village is now a winding, pleasant, scenic thoroughfare paved all the way. No longer reminiscent of a mine field, it is now a scenic tour” according to the image published in the Aspen Illustrated News in early October 1968.
Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Illustrated News Collection

From Travis Edmonson’ epic poem, printed in part in The Snowmass Villager in September 1968:

“It’s the road! The blasted, pitted, pot-holed, choking, slimy, joltin’ road! I know there’s two go through! Both come off of eighty-two! I’d stay off if I was you!

So here’s the road

The river’s tossing down below

The shale cliffs that rise

To the sloping highland meadows

Where the Rockies hold the skies

‘Snowmass-at-Aspen.’ There’s the sign.

Here’s where we make our turn

To follow Little Creek from eighty-two

Up to Big Burn …”