Snowmass Town Briefs: Straight Line Studio goes virtual |

Snowmass Town Briefs: Straight Line Studio goes virtual

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An image of one of Carbondale-based artist Chris Erickson's pieces available in Straight Line Studio's "Mask Off! Glove Free!" virtual gallery.
Straight Line Studio/courtesy photo

Straight Line Studio goes virtual

Straight Line Studio launched a new virtual gallery April 13 that will feature local artists’ “mini-works” and help combat the loss of income and community due to COVID-19.

“Mask Off! Glove Free!” is Straight Line’s contribution to the vibrant and new virtual community that has cropped up since the local coronavirus outbreak. By asking local artists to create small works, the Snowmass art studio hopes to continue to bolster the local art community by promoting pieces that are quarantine level affordable and easy to ship and receive.

“We were saddened to close our doors early with such beautiful art inside, and exhibitions that were realized but never got their time in the sun,” Straight Line Studio artists Kelly Peters and Teal Wilson said in a statement. “This is our opportunity to continue to support our artists, and to give viewers a new way to look, shop and stay connected with what Straight Line has to offer.”

Each Monday at 4 p.m., Straight Line Studio will promote the mini-works of one local artist, which will be uploaded to the studio’s online shop and promoted through the its Instagram and website. On April 13, the virtual gallery kicked off with Carbondale-based artist Chris Erickson’s work.

“What we miss most is our interactions with our community. Just as new ideas were taking shape and being programmed (workshops and local outreach under the umbrella of art, events and new exhibitions), we had to put a big pause on our future, and rework our structure to stay accessible, relevant and, ultimately, open,” the studio’s statement says.

“This is the beginning of what we hope to be a valuable virtual and long-distance experience. We are actively seeking ways to impact and influence our friends, supporters, and community to stay creative, connected and positive!”


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