Snowmass talk talks: Upcoming summer trail projects |

Snowmass talk talks: Upcoming summer trail projects

Town of Snowmass Parks, Recreation and Trails Department
Special to the Snowmass Sun
Plans for connections to Mountain View and Lowline trails, pictured, are a part of the Snowmass Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Plan.
Starr Jamison/Special to the Snowmass Sun. |

Editor’s note: The Snowmass Sun and the town of Snowmass Parks, Recreation and Trails Department have partnered to launch “Trail Talks,” a biweekly series that will explore trail issues, etiquette and rules for shared trail use in the village.

As your local parks and trails manager, a trail builder, user and all around fan of great trails, it is exciting to add new and maintain our world-class trails system. The town of Snowmass Village has worked hard to build and maintain more than 40 miles of natural-surface sustainable single track and more than 8 miles of hard-surface recreation path.

In the past, trails were user-created or wildlife set the path for us to follow. If they were built, the summit was the goal in the path of least resistance, which means the trails went from point A to point B in a straight line and were rarely maintained. Trail design has evolved over the past decade to purpose-built single track, providing opportunities for all ability levels.

Just as the name suggests, purpose-built trails are designed for a specific purpose. These trails are built with the user in mind by offering single track flow trails for mountain biking, soft-surface paths for walkers and joggers, well-designed sustainable horse trails for our equestrian friends and hard-surface paved trails for commuting and pedestrian access.

Trails have benefits: they make our communities more livable, improve the economy through tourism and civic improvement, preserve and restore open space and provide opportunities for physical activity to improve fitness and mental health.

Working on and studying trail usage throughout the state, the trails we have in the village are a benefit to the entire Roaring Fork Valley.

Through our Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Plan adopted last fall, Snowmass locals gave us feedback to construct additional trail connections, provide opportunities for beginner to advanced bikers, improve our paved trails and spend time maintaining our existing trails. We’ve prioritized residents’ concerns and are excited to work on the following trail projects for this summer.


An advanced trail-building course for staff and volunteers

The Campground Connector, which was completed last October, will connect to a rerouted Village Bound Trail and new beginner/intermediate Discovery Climbing Trail (anticipated completion Aug. 1).

The Brush Creek Trail is scheduled for improvements (tentative this summer)

Fairway 3 recreation path improvements

Tom Blake Trail at Hidden Lane bridge and trail reconstruction

Planning for connections to Mountain View and Lowline trails

Continued maintenance to the Ditch, Nature, Deadline, North Rim, Upper North Mesa Equestrian and Tom Blake trails

Bridge improvements throughout the town

Mayfly trail signs

Trailhead improvements and signage

When you see the town of Snowmass trail crew out on the trails this summer, say hi, tell them what you like and don’t forget to say thank you.

Check out our Facebook page, town of Snowmass Village Parks, Recreation and Trails, and Instagram @snowmassrec for updates and project completion.

Our website at provides maps and weekly updates on trail conditions and closures.

Get outside, folks, and see why we have it so good here.