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Letter: Snowmass not as family friendly as Vail, Telluride

A recent visit to Vail as well as an earlier visit to Telluride revealed that they provide many guest-oriented features that Snowmass Village does not.

While we do have fabulous natural resources and mountain activities, it is not obvious for first-time visitors walking around Base Village, the mall, or town center. Other resorts have an abundance of signs for easy navigation. For example, why are there none at the bottom of the Skittles, pointing to paths leading to the town center, the gondola, the mall, etc. Why are the trail maps at the mall and gondola showing ski trails in July? Why not maps for hiking and biking trails at these locations during the summer?

Why can’t Snowmass have free child-friendly equipment, for example: slides, climbing bars (not rock climbing), fountains and pools meant for splashing. And, locate them where families roam: the mall, Base Village, etc. For the past several years, there are no such free amenities. Why not? We are supposed to be family friendly.

I’ve heard that it is difficult because different entities own or are responsible for these diverse elements in our resort. But, for the guest, it should not matter. We are not making it easy for visitors to find and enjoy what we have to offer. How about all stakeholders pull together considering the plight of the first-time visiting family? Other resorts have figured it out already.

Robert Fike

Snowmass Village


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