Town of Snowmass appoints advisory board members and terms

Staff report

Snowmass Arts Advisory Board (expires January 2019)

Katherine M Bell — two-year term

Financial Advisory Board (expires January 2019)

Shawn Gleason — two-year term

Gary Hartman — two-year term

Harry Andrews — two-year term

Greg C. Smith — two-year term

Part Time Residents Advisory Board (expires January 2020)

Robert Fike (condo owner) — three-year term

Nancy Shapiro (at large) — three-year term

Citizens Grant Review Board (expires January 2020)

Cindy Lamar — three-year term

Environmental Advisory Board (expires January 2020)

Joseph Goodman — three-year term

Trevor Wagner — three-year term

Sarah Gruen — three-year term

Planning Commission (expires January 2020)

James A Gustafson — 3-year term

Doug Faurer — three-year term

Patrick J Keelty — three-year term

Marketing, Group Sales and Special Events (expires January 2020)

Tim McMahon (retail) — three-year term

Christian Knapp (Aspen Skiing Co.) — three-year term