Snowmass news briefs: Transit center visit and Town Park plans |

Snowmass news briefs: Transit center visit and Town Park plans

A rendering of what the new mall transit center would look from Carriage Way.
Town of Snowmass Village website

Drafts of Town Park Master Plan to be presented Monday

After roughly eight months of design and planning work, town Parks, Recreation and Trails officials are set to present their conceptual drafts of the Snowmass Town Park Master Plan renovations to Town Council on Monday

According to Andy Worline, director of the town POSTR department, the renovations are centered on three main goals determined by locals and officials: reorient and refurbish the Snowmass Rodeo arena, create more sufficient parking, and create more flat, multi-use recreational and event space.

“We heard what people want, and that’s the rodeo, a more beautiful entrance to the town and more useable and flexible areas,” Worline said, referring to all of the feedback and data his department and the project planners have taken from things like the town’s most recent comprehensive plan and community survey.

Town Council budgeted $30,000 for the town park renovation planning process, which Worline said his department and the planners it’s working with are about one third of the way through.

Worline said Town Council will be presented with the draft renovation plans at the regular Monday meeting, which starts at 4 p.m. and is open to the public.

“There are only so many places we can put the puzzle pieces, but we’re trying to make the most of the space,” Worline said of the Town Park Master Plan drafts. “We want the council and the community to weigh in and chime in on anything they wish to see differently.”

Council site visit to proposed Village Mall transit center Oct. 7

At the regular meeting Sept. 3, Town Council members decided to schedule a site visit to the transit center proposed adjacent to Carriage Way and the Village Mall.

The current design plan for the center includes a single bus platform at the mall level with four Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus bays, and six local shuttle bus bays, along with a roughly 60-space parking area below the bus platform that will replace the existing “Lot 6.”

On Aug. 19, Town Council gave mall transit center planners the go ahead to continue their design work. But on Sept. 3, Councilman Bob Sirkus said he felt council should revisit the proposed plan.

“I’m concerned about the size of the deck, the actual physical size, and having cars driving through the parking lot going from lower to upper Carriage Way,” Sirkus said.

Because council felt the site visit to the Coffey Place affordable housing development area was successful, members decided to visit the proposed transit center area, too. The visit will be a “walk around,” meaning no story poles or development markings, and will start at 3 p.m. on Oct. 7.

The site visit is open to the public.