Snowmass history: When two worlds meet

Ski school directors compared philosophies in 1968

Aspen Historical Society
Stein Eriksen (left) and Ralph Jackson meet in 1968, photographed by Tony Gauba for the Snowmass Villager.
Aspen Historical Society, Gauba Collection/Courtesy image

“When two worlds meet — the high-flying, hoop-jumping world of ski acrobat and artist Stein Eriksen and the deep powder underground world (of) Ralph Jackson — you end up with one Ski School head trying to convert another,” the Snowmass Villager noted Feb. 8, 1968.

Stein Eriksen, known for his smooth skiing and eponymous flips, ran the Snowmass-at-Aspen Ski School when it first opened; Ralph Jackson was known for his underground ski school, always wearing his fur coat, top hat and a cigarette in a holder.

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