Snowmass History: Trail naming contest, 1967 |

Snowmass History: Trail naming contest, 1967

The Aspen Historical Society
A photograph taken by Cheri Jenkins showing Betty and Ken Moore checking out their new lot on a topographical map of the Snowmass-at-Aspen ski area worth, at the time, $7,000.
Courtesy photo/Aspen Historical Society

“Mrs. Betty Moore wins Snowmass trail contest,” announced the Aspen Illustrated News in the winter of 1967.

“Mrs. Ken Moore won the coveted Snowmass lot as first prize in the trail naming contest. Other prize winners were Mrs. Donald Henson who won a once-a-week pass at Snowmass, and Kevin Cassidy who won a season pass for any of the three Aspen ski areas, and Pamela Gassman, who also won a season pass. Sel Lemon, in fifth place, gets dinner for two at any five Aspen restaurants. Mrs. Moore’s entry was comprised of three white water runs: Moonshine, Snaggletooth and Velvet Falls. The final names for the runs, however, will be decided by a board of Snowmass officials.” Two of the three names were ultimately chosen for ski runs off of Sam’s Knob; can you find them?

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