Snowmass history: Traffic flow to improve with transit center |

Snowmass history: Traffic flow to improve with transit center

One b/w film negative of skiers on the Snowmass Mall, 1970-. They are near the Tower Restaurant, and the fountain is partially visible on the right.
John Smith/Aspen Historical Society |

“Daly Lane considered as plaza site,” The Aspen Times wrote on May 1, 1986. “The viability of an area below the main Snowmass Mall to be considered as the new transit plaza site, became more attractive to members of the Town Council this week during a work session. A cost analysis of the ‘Daly Lane Alternation’ was presented Monday to the council by Transportation Department Director George Krawzoff. The proposed transportation depot would be located across from the currently operating bus drop-off point, now used by Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA) buses and skier buses in season. The transit plaza is intended to improve the flow of traffic and pedestrians in the Snowmass Mall area. … Bill Burwell of Snowmass Village Property Management asked the council to consider the impact the new plaza would have upon the mall businesses, because bus-riding visitors would not be required to traverse the mall to reach the ski slopes. Another drawback is that the new site may not be a good interface with the Aerobus transit system that’s being considered by Pitkin County. One of the other major negatives of the Daly Lane Alternative is that it would wipe out The Ballet West site.”