Snowmass history: The Inn Crowd |

Snowmass history: The Inn Crowd

Snowmass Inn
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“A new travel concept for Colorado has been introduced this winter at Snowmass Resort by Dick Moebius, a resident of the resort since 1967,” an article from the Dec. 30, 1976 edition of The Aspen Times stated. “He recently purchased the 40-room Snowmass Inn, which has not been condominiumized, and is selling memberships to what he’s calling the Snowmass Inn Vacation Club. Persons who buy memberships are guaranteed room reservations for 15 years, but they do not own the room. Members select from one to five periods during the year for their vacation. By pre-paying their lodge reservations, their cost over the 15-year period will be less than 50 percent of the normal rate during this time, Moebius said. The only additional cost a member pays over his initial investment is a $10 per day used fee for maid service, linens and management. At their option, members can belong to an international resort exchange program for $36 membership fee a year which allows them to exchange their Snowmass Inn Vacation club time for a stay in one of 70 other resort areas, he explained … Moebius pointed out that his concept is not new in Europe where it has been used for many years and in Hawaii where it was begun in the early ’70s. ‘Resort lodging is expensive for much the same reason airline seats are. The problem is unfilled space. When a resort, or an airliner, operates half full, which is often, the users must cover the cost of what foes unused. That is the unavoidable fact of life no one likes. Airlines are solving this problem with help of charter flights. Chartering assures a full aircraft and everyone saves. So why not charter a resort?’”

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