Snowmass history: Tent City

A tent with two peaks and several open sides, possibly at the base of Fanny Hill. The photo appeared in The Aspen Times on Aug. 2, 1979.
Aspen Historical Society |

A quirky Aspen Times photo essay from August 1979 shows Snowmass as a “Tent City.” A hundred years after the founding of Aspen, “It seems as if Snowmass is shedding its ‘mondo condo’ image and heading back to those ‘tent city’ roots. Between Ballet West, the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts and the Snowmass Resort Association, there are half a dozen tents scattered about the landscape, ranging in style from Circus, Striped to Space City, Stretched. Perhaps the ghosts of returning miners would feel right at home, or perhaps they would just rent a condominium.”