Snowmass history: Summertime is 4-H time circa 1985

A young Carter Schlumberger, pictured with his 4-H pig, getting ready for the Pitkin County Fair in August of 1985.
Aspen Historical Society |

“Summertime is 4-H time with kids all over the county raising sheep, steers and chickens, kids learning to sew and cook, kids learning to ride horseback, kids learning all about fishing and how to train their dog,” The Aspen Times wrote on May 1, 1985. “The 4-H programs are open to all young people from 9 to 19 years of age. There is also a mini-4-H for children five to eight years of age. There is a $4 registration fee per member.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension and Pitkin County funded the programs, which a team of volunteer instructors led. Classes ranged from Entomology to art to aviation courses. The Red Cross and Snowmass Fire Department taught first aid classes as well. The courses ended by Aug. 1, in time to exhibit projects at the County Fair held in the Rodeo grounds in Snowmass Village in early August.

All awards won at either the County or State Fairs were presented at the annual 4-H kids banquet in early October.