Snowmass history: “Still crazy after all these years” was 1977 Wintersköl theme

A skier flips in mid-air amid a crowd of spectators at the 1978 Winterskol Ski Splash at Snowmass. The magazine photo caption reads: The Snowmass "Ski Splash," a wild and crazy event featuring acrobatic and sometimes costumed ski jumpers leaping into a heated swimming pool. The splash is a popular crowd pleaser in Aspen's annual January carnival, Winterskol.
Aspen Historical Society |

The Snowmass Affairs magazine from January 1977 looked into the meaning behind the Wintersköl celebration. “But what actually is Wintersköl? It originally began twenty-six years ago. January was a slow time, and the locals decided to have their own celebration. Everyone became involved and planned and participated in the festivities. This idea backfired in one respect as now Wintersköl is one of the busiest times of the year for the Snowmass/Aspen area. However, ski bums, families and children, business people, employees, and especially the bars- all work to make Wintersköl a special time of the year.” The events spanned all over the area including Ashcroft to Aspen Highlands to Snowmass, reaching even into the bars for the Bartender’s Drink contest where “’official’ testers try well over a dozen drinks to determine the winner. A Snowmass bartender from the Refectory won the context several years ago with A Monk’s Delight. It is made by putting ¾ ounce of both white crème de menthe and light crème de cocoa in a glass and filling it with hot coffee and topping the whole thing with whipped crème.” Sunday was Snowmass Day “as Snowmass celebrates its ten-year anniversary. Wintersköl will be even more special. Probably the most popular event in Snowmass is the ski splash finals. Elaborately attired contestants ski the mountain and somersault, dive, or fly into the El Dorado swimming pool. There are prizes for the best jump and best costume….Wintersköl is a celebration of the season and of life in the mountains and adds a long-lasting memory for everyone who experiences it, which only goes to prove that we all are Still Crazy After All These Years.”