Snowmass history: Spare no expansion |

Snowmass history: Spare no expansion

One color postcard of Snowmass Ski Area. The caption on the back reads "Green Cabin ski run from the 11,808 ft. summit of High Alpine area, Snowmass."
R.C. Bishop

“New Trails at Snowmass, Buttermilk,” The Aspen Times reported Oct. 25, 1979. “The Aspen Skiing Corporation has added two new trails at the top of lift No 12 in Snowmass and one new trail on Buttermilk Mountain. According to Anne Clark, administrative assistant for the Ski Corp’s marketing department, the new trail at Snowmass, called Upper Green Cabin, begins at the top of Lift No 12 and connects to the trail of the same name, which goes down between the top of Lift 8 and the bottom of Lift 9 and continues into the Village. Clark said the trail was ‘naturally terraced’ with steep and level places. Crews spent nearly four months last summer smoothing the rock area to intermediate steepness. The other new trail, also off Lift 12 (High Alpine) is choker, a short steep chute that spans upper Reidar to the new part of Green Cabin. Clark said ‘The two trails provide access to an area between them called the east bowl of the cirque where there are several small chutes. These will be open snow permitting, because the area is steep and rough underneath.’”


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